This item is created with Kul Tiran or Zandalari Engineering; taught by AllianceLayla Evenkeel or HordeShuga Blastcaps for 40g at a skill of (100). Higher ranks of  [Schematic: Honorable Combatant's Discombobulator] are purchased from AllianceLeedan Gustaf or HordeOzgrom Ragefang. Rank 2 costs 2 Mark of Honor and Rank 3 costs 4 Mark of Honor.

Materials required:
Inv ore stormsilver.png 25x [Storm Silver Ore] Inv ore platinum.png 12x [Platinum Ore]
Inv expulsom.png 8x [Expulsom]
Materials required (Rank 2):
Inv ore stormsilver.png 22x [Storm Silver Ore] Inv ore platinum.png 10x [Platinum Ore]
Inv expulsom.png 6x [Expulsom]
Materials required (Rank 3):
Inv ore stormsilver.png 20x [Storm Silver Ore] Inv ore platinum.png 5x [Platinum Ore]
Inv expulsom.png 5x [Expulsom]

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