Hope Betrayed

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NeutralHope Betrayed
Broken Shore
Level 110 (760)
Duration 8 hrs
Followers 3
Type Generic
Enemies Dantalionax
Felaxe Dominator
Cost 150 Order Resources
Champion XP 3,000
Bonus Chest Various


It is said the demon Dantalionax can drain all hope from the hearts of mortals. Our forces need him eradicated.



You will receive:
Inv misc raptortalon fel.png [Shattered Wrathguard Horn] Inv axe 1h pvphorde d 01 upres.png [Bloodied Horde Axe Head]
Spell warrior sharpenblade.png [Alliance Infantry Blade] Inv misc gem amethyst 02.png [Vacant Soul Shard]
Inv stone 05.png [Fel-Scarred Tomb Stone] Inv knife 1h draenorraid d 03.png [Searing Hellion Claw]

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