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They've seen the city many times over.

The Horde Emissaries are a group of ambassadors from each Horde race, they were sent as an envoy to inspect the new blood elf capital of Silvermoon and to ascertain their goals.

Ambassador Kelemar guides them through the streets of Silvermoon. Due to the unusual political climate within the city, the envoys have yet to speak to an actual leader, much to the annoyance of Cheneta. The dialogue between the various emissaries ranges from offhand to intensely revealing from comments regarding the rebuilt city's decor to insight on the emissaries predicaments and reasons for being there.



Will occasionally be said by:

Ambassador Kelemar:

  • Thank you for making the journey here. I hope you will find Silvermoon to your liking.
  • Behold the wonders of our fair city.
  • Exercise caution during your stay. Some close-minded individuals may still cling to old alliances long since dissolved...

Dela Runetotem:

There's an ethereal beauty about this place... but for all the trees and plant life, it's still so... unnatural.

Kristine Denny:

Such marvelous sights. I regret being unable to see it when I was younger.


Dis place be too bright fa my tastes.


Conversations on specific topics will take place between the five, usually one statement has a chance at a different response and vice versa.

Audience with the Regent Lord

  • Kristine Denny says: I thought we were going to speak with the regent lord. I'm beginning to question whether or not he exists at all at this point.
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: The regent lord is a very busy man. I'm sure you understand.
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: He is unable to see you just yet, but do not trouble yourselves over it. I'm certain he will find a way to fit you into his busy schedule.
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: In due corse. There is no rush, after all - our hospitality is extended to you indefinitely. Even the troll.
  • Cheneta says: I'll accept that answer for the time being, Kelemar, but my patience is not exactly boundless.
  • Kristine Denny says: This is becoming tiresome.
  • Dela Runetotem says: As you say, ambassador. We can wait.
  • Tatai says: Just what I be t'inkin'. More delays.
  • Kristine Denny says: Troll, if you can't keep a civil tongue in your head, I'll be happy to remove it for you.
  • Tatai says: Ja be keepin' away from me.
  • Kristine Denny smirks triumphantly.

Silvermoon City decorations

  • Kristine Denny says: Your choice of decor is intriguing, Kelemar. Tell me - why the arcane frippery?
  • Dela Runetotem says: It seems that a great deal of your power is used for... and I hope you'll pardon the term... frivolous things. Isn't that, well, wasteful?
  • Tatai says: Why be all dese t'ings floatin' an' movin' by demselves?
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: This must be somewhat different from the environment to which you're accustomed. It is a visible demonstration of the power we hold, nothing more. We're mindful of our resources.
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: Think about it carefully, my friends. If we can afford to spend our magic on simple aesthetic enhancements, clearly we hold a vast reservoir of power at our beck and call.
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: It is not simply a beautification measure, but also a morale booster. It demonstrates to our people that we have a great deal of power at our fingertips, and with it... we can do nearly anything.
  • Dela Runetotem says: I don't know. It still seems like such a waste.
  • Kristine Denny says: An understandable expenditure, as I see it. Show everyone, enemies and allies alike, that you're not afraid to use your power.
  • Cheneta taps a finger on her chin, lost in thought.
  • Tatai says: Bah! If I ever be in charge'a dis place, da first t'ing I be doin' is stoppin' alla dat. Ja be markin' my words.
  • Dela Runetotem says: Tatai, please. We're guests here.
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: Yes, well... luckily for us all, the troll will not be in a position of power within our fair city anytime soon.

Silvermoon City is empty

  • Dela Runetotem says: This city is very... expansive, but it seems to be lacking something. I can't put my finger on what...
  • Tatai says: Dis place be huge. Why ja be needin' all dis space?
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: We lost many of our kin in the war... so yes, the city is not perhaps as lively as it once was. We will endure, however.
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: This is merely part of what Silvermoon once was. Much of the city was lost after Arthas swept through our lands.
  • Dela Runetotem says: My condolences. These past years have been hard on us all.
  • Kristine Denny says: You're not the only victims of the Scourge. Our lady Sylvanas sympathizes with your plight.
  • Cheneta says: If your people are as strong as you purport, I'm sure you'll find your stride again.
  • Tatai says: Dis be a big waste, if ja be askin' me.
  • Cheneta says: Well, no one asked you, Tatai.
  • Tatai grumbles under his breath.

Help the Horde

  • Tatai says: What help be ja givin' de Horde, anyway?
  • Dela Runetotem says: Tell us, Ambassador Kelemar... how do the blood elves plan to aid us, exactly?
  • Cheneta says: Remind me, ambassador... what precisely will your people be contributing to our efforts?
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: Our people are strong. We bring you a mastery over the arcane magics that you have previously lacked - ah, no offense intended, of course.
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: Surely you see the advantage in our relationship. The powers we command are immense. With our aid, your enemies could well be decimated.
  • Ambassador Kelemar says: I realize we have had somewhat differing loyalties in the past, but put your suspicions aside. Our considerable power has been pledged to your leaders in good faith.
  • Della Runetotem's brow furrows, but she remains silent.
  • Cheneta says: I suppose we'll see the measure of your dedication in due time.
  • Kristine Denny says: Truly an advantageous alliance.
  • Tatai says: T'ink ja be contributin' less glarin' in dis troll's direction?
  • Cheneta says: Tatai!
  • Tatai sighs in resignation and falls silent.

Glares of the blood elves

Tatai says: I be gettin' tired'a dis. Dese elves, dey be treatin' me like I stole somet'in'.
Ambassador Kelemar says: I'm afraid your ancestry is the cause, troll. Decades of fighting with your green-skinned brethren have hardened their hearts against your kind.
Ambassador Kelemar says: Keep your chin up. Perhaps with time, our people will see you as the ally you are, rather than the enemy you appear to be.
Cheneta says: You should be used to those looks, Tatai. Do you remember the reason you were drafted into this job?
Tatai says: Don't ja start...
Cheneta says: I'm no happier about being your babysitter than you are about being watched. Just remember... it could have been worse.


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