Outside the Horde Keep.

Exterior the Horde Keep.

The Horde Keep[46.5, 23.9] is situated at the northern end of the Isle of Conquest, just to the east of the Refinery and directly north of the Alliance Keep. Overlord Agmar can be found within the command room of the Keep with four Kor'kron Guards.

The Keep Graveyard capture flag is located at the northeast corner of the courtyard. Capturing this graveyard can delay Horde defenders significantly, while providing Alliance attackers with a much closer graveyard to the Overlord. Both the Overlord and Keep Graveyard flag are unavailable until at least one of the three Keep Gates have been destroyed.


Keep Cannons
Defenders have access to twelve Keep Cannons on the southeast and southwest towers which can be used to fend off attackers, but not any intruders already inside the courtyard. Three cannons can defend the west gate, another three can defend the east gate, and three from each tower (six total) are capable of defending the center gate.
 [Huge Seaforium Bombs]
Attackers that have entered the courtyard (via Gunship Hangar or Catapult) have access to four piles of Huge Seaforium Bombs, useful for blowing up gates. These bombs can be both picked up and carried while mounted; you're only dismounted when clicking the bomb item to deploy it, so make sure your fellow attackers know to mount up! And as a defender, make sure you put as many enemies in combat as possible to prevent them from mounting!

Notes and trivia

  • The interior of the keep is decorated with a non-functional blade thrower and a kennel.
  • Keep Gates appear to have 500,000 health each.
  • Defenders gain a buff called [Honorable Defender] that increases all Honor gained from killing enemies by 50%. This only applies to the courtyard and command room, not the towers or Keep Cannons.

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