MobHorgus the Ravager
Image of Horgus the Ravager
Race Ghoul (Undead)
Level 15-30 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Scourge
Location Eastern Plaguelands
Status Deceased

Horgus the Ravager is an elite ghoul found in the Eastern Plaguelands. Horgus spawns during the recreation of the Battle of Darrowshire.


The ghoul lord Horgus the Ravager fell at the battle of Darrowshire. But the evil within him was not fully spent. The victorious Scourge forces removed his skull from the battlefield of Darrowshire, carrying it with them to sow dread among the living they faced.

Days later, the company of Scourge who possessed the head were defeated by Silver Hand paladins. Horgus' head was cast into Blackwood Lake.[1]

Objective of


  • Ravenous Claw - Drains 278 to 322 health from the enemy, transferring it to the caster.
  • Thrash - Grants the caster 2 extra attacks.
  • Unholy Aura - The caster automatically inflicts 150 shadow damage every 2 sec. to all nearby enemies. This effect lasts until cancelled.


  • Horgus' Aura is both a blessing and a curse. While annoying, it will draw huge aggro on him from the soldiers helping you.
  • He led a band of Servants of Horgus.

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