Hostile Skies

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NeutralHostile Skies

Nurong and a gun
Start Hawkmaster Nurong [51.7, 87.2]
End Hawkmaster Nurong [51.7, 87.2]
Level 89 (Requires 88)
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +75 Shado-Pan
Rewards  [Nurong's Gun]
Previous N [89] In Skilled Hands
Next N [89] Devastation Below


Shooting swarmers out of the sky

Shoot down 50 Kor'thik Swarmers and Voress'thilak.


We're about to get hit hard...

Pick up that cannon there and lend a hand, if you would. There will be no shortage of targets.


You will receive:  [Nurong's Gun] and 11g


I could really use you on that cannon...


Excellent shooting!

I'm pretty sure that big bug survived the fall though...



On accept:

Hawkmaster Nurong says: A large wave of fliers approaches! Take my cannon, <class>, quickly!

Interact with Nurong's Cannon, next to him. It has one ability:

  • Nurong's Cannon Shot — One shot. one kill. Instant. Not on the GCD. (0.2s cooldown)

Plenty of Kor'thik Swarmers in the air. The projectile's travel time is nearly instant, so don't bother leading the target. Once fifty have been killed, Voress'thalik spawns.

Hawkmaster Nurong says: What... what is that thing? Is it really trying to fly across?

It has 8 million health, so it will take several shots to knock it out of the sky.

Hawkmaster Nurong says: Nice work! Let's get down there and finish it off.


Optional breadcrumb: N [89] Joining the Hunt

  1. N [89] In Skilled Hands
  2. N [89] Hostile Skies
  3. N [89] Devastation Below
  4. N [89] Heroes of the Shado-Pan
  5. N [89] Buried Beneath
  6. N [89] Taoshi and Korvexxis & N [89] Lao-Chin and Serevex & N [89] Nurong and Rothek
  7. N [89] The Sha of Hatred

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