NeutralHot and Cold
Start Fjorn's Anvil
End Fjorn's Anvil
Level 25-30
Type Daily
Category Storm Peaks
Experience 22050 (or 13g 23s at 80)
Reputation +455 The Sons of Hodir
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [25-30] Battling the Elements


You are to go to Frostfield Lake, kill the Brittle Revenants there and use the  [Essence of Ice] on the Smoldering Scraps at Fjorn's Anvil. You are then to collect 6 of the Frozen Iron scraps and return to Fjorn's Anvil in Dun Niffelem.


As you stare at the anvil you relive your recent accomplishments, particularly those which brought this artifact to rest here.

It suddenly occurs to you that more remains to be done. To the east, smoldering scraps clutter the landscape - shrapnel from the battle fought there.

If they could be cooled and gathered somehow, the frost giants would have an abundant supply of metal and the region would be cleared of these remnants of war.


A luminous blue glow surrounds the anvil.


You feel a sense of accomplishment as you realize that your efforts continue to strengthen the renewed bonds between Thorim and the Sons of Hodir.


Loot the Essences of Ice from the Brittle Revenants, then head to the Fjorn's Anvil area and throw the essences at Smoldering Scraps on the ground.

Frozen Ice Scraps can be looted by any player, not just the one who froze them, which means that they are vulnerable to ninjas (this also means that a player with excess  [Essence of Ice] can use them to freeze scraps for other players).

Patch changes

  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.3.0 (2009-12-08): Increased number of Frozen Iron Scraps required from 5 to 6.


  1. N [25-30] They Took Our Men!
  2. N [25-30] Leave No Goblin Behind
  3. N [25-30] The Crone's Bargain
  4. N [25-30] Mildred the Cruel
  5. N [25-30] Discipline
  6. N [25-30] Examples to be Made
  7. N [25-30] A Certain Prisoner
  8. N [25-30] A Change of Scenery
  9. N [25-30] Is That Your Goblin?
  10. N [25-30] The Hyldsmeet
  11. N [25-30] Taking on All Challengers
  12. N [25-30] You'll Need a Bear
  13. N [25-30] Bearly Hanging On
  14. N [25-30] Cold Hearted
  15. N [25-30] Deemed Worthy
  16. N [25-30] Making a Harness
  17. N [25-30] The Last of Her Kind
  18. N [25-30] The Warm-Up
  19. N [25-30] Into the Pit
  20. N [25-30] Prepare for Glory
  21. N [25-30] Lok'lira's Parting Gift
  22. N [25-30] The Drakkensryd
  23. N [25-30] Sibling Rivalry
  24. N [25-30] Mending Fences (+28,600 The Sons of Hodir)
  25. N [25-30] The Refiner's Fire
  26. N [25-30] A Spark of Hope (+28,600 The Sons of Hodir)
  27. N [25-30] Forging an Alliance (+325 The Sons of Hodir)
    Mandatory side quest:
    1. N [25-30] You Can't Miss Him (+75 The Sons of Hodir)
    2. N [25-30] Battling the Elements (+75 The Sons of Hodir)
      • Prerequisite for daily: N [25-30 Daily] Hot and Cold (+455 The Sons of Hodir)
  28. N [25-30] A New Beginning
  29. N [25-30] Veranus
  30. N [25-30] Territorial Trespass
  31. N [25-30] Krolmir, Hammer of Storms (+455 The Sons of Hodir)
    Mandatory side quests:
    1. N [25-30] Culling Jorcuttar (+325 The Sons of Hodir)
    2. N [25-30] In Memoriam (+325 The Sons of Hodir)
    3. N [25-30] A Monument to the Fallen (+75 The Sons of Hodir)
      • Prerequisite for daily: N [25-30 Daily] Hodir's Call (+455 The Sons of Hodir)
  32. N [25-30] The Terrace of the Makers
  33. N [25-30] The Earthen Oath & N [25-30] Loken's Lackeys
  34. N [25-30] The Reckoning
  35. N [20-30D] Stormherald Eljrrin (optional)
  36. N [20-30D] Whatever it Takes! (+650 The Sons of Hodir) & N [20-30D] Diametrically Opposed

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