The crown of the Menethil.

The Menethils (sometimes called the Menethil Dynasty)[1] were the ruling family of the Kingdom of Lordaeron prior to the nation's destruction and the murder of King Terenas Menethil II by his son, Prince Arthas at the start of the Third War. The house was known for their kindness to the Wrynns during the Second War, when the Horde ruled over the lands of Stormwind. The Menethils ruled for many decades, with Terenas' reign alone lasting 50 years.[2]

Terenas's grandfather is said to have had successful negotiations with the elves of Quel'Thalas over the borders there for his northern vassals.[3]

As of the Fourth War and beyond, the royal Menethil bloodline is all but extinct, with the possible exception of Calia Menethil's sole surviving daughter, and Calia herself has thus far expressed very limited interest in becoming ruler of Lordaeron, both in life and in her current state.

However, following the Battle for Lordaeron, a group of survivors from the crippled Scarlet Crusade named the "Scarlet Brotherhood" claims through false propaganda to be loyal to House Menethil and to have secretly harbored Calia's "son", intending to use him to restore the Kingdom of Lordaeron as well as to depose Anduin Wrynn, whom they view as a traitor and a puppet king with sympathies for the Forsaken, and whom they further accuse of conspiring with his secret lover Sylvanas Windrunner to kill Calia at the Gathering.[1][4]


Alternate timeline


  • The King's Guard, the royal guard force.
  • Several servants, including scullery maids, valets, blacksmiths[5] (including a master blacksmith), grooms, a horsemaster,[6] and a palace baker.[7][8]
  • An unnamed bishop who worked in the family's private chapel.
  • A governess who tutored Arthas until he was eleven.[6]
  • Wroth served as a torturer in Terenas' court during his youth.[9]



  • The crown of King Terenas Menethil was broken, bloodied, and lost to time.[10]
    • The crown's disappearance was actually done by those loyal to King Terenas. Aided by Thoras Trollbane, the crown was secured from the undead and spirited away. It was later found by Flynn Fairwind after exploring with his lover, Mathias Shaw. Taken away by Lordaeronian refugees, they buried the crown in an unmarked grave next to the lighthouse of Stormwind City. Rather than inform anyone of what he found, Flynn and Shaw agreed to keep it hidden.[11]
  • Terenas' family was noted to be remarkably close-knit compared to some other ruling families.[5]
  • The Menethils were known for being tall; at age eleven, Arthas was five foot eight and noted that he was "likely to grow even taller if his heritage was any indication".[6]
  • The royal household regularly bought their mounts from the Balnir family of horsebreeders.[5]
  • Since King Terenas has a "II" at the end of his name, there must have been a Terenas Menethil I or Terenas I of Lordaeron at one point.