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House Stormsong

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For other uses, see Stormsong (disambiguation).
AllianceHouse Stormsong
House Stormsong banner.jpg
Main leader  Lord Brannon Stormsong (presumed)
  Formerly  Lord Stormsong †
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Capital Shrine of the Storm, Sagehold
Other major settlements Stormsong Monastery
Theater of operations Stormsong Valley
Affiliation Kul Tiras, Nazjatar Empire (temporarily)
Status Active

House Stormsong is one of the four noble houses that rule Kul Tiras. Their seat is the Shrine of the Storm, in the region of Stormsong Valley. It takes a role in the construction of the country's navy.[1]

The Tidesages serve House Stormsong. Tideguard Victoria and [Legends of the Tidesages] give alternate dates for the settlement of Kul Tiras and of Stormsong Valley.[2][3]




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