NeutralHouse of Constructs
Afterlives - House of Constructs.png
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Gharmal.gif Margrave Gharmal †
Secondary leaders Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Abomination2.gif Baron Halis †
IconSmall Abomination2.gif Baroness Antolyte †


Capital House of Constructs
Theater of operations Maldraxxus; Bastion
Affiliation Necrolord Covenant
  Formerly Mawsworn
Status Active

The House of Constructs is one of the five houses that rule Maldraxxus. The purpose of this House is the creation of necrotic constructs -- abominations and their ilk, to populate Maldraxxus's armies. However, as of late, Margrave Gharmal has been serving a very different master. It is the origin of all the abomination constructs of the necrolords and their fleshcrafters, who depend on the art of fleshcrafting embued within their Margrave[1] and used by the Primus in creating Maldraxxus.[2]

The house is not just abominations. Liches are present, such as Faldo Iscar in the Amputory, as well as aranakk in the Thread House, such as Thread Mistress Leeda. The process of creating a construct involves gathering flesh and parts to construct the body, where different types of flesh can provide different effects (such as making the construct impervious[3] or obedience and dexterity as with Kyrian flesh),[4] pulled apart at the Separation Chamber,[5] let liquify and congeal in the central pool,[6] and requiring the flesh be purged of its memories and soul before assembly in order to insert a Maldraxxian soul by a necromancer,[7] such as Faldo Iscar. Alternatively, an existing construct may be separated body and soul by a necromancer.[3] Souls of constructs are kept within and around the Etheric Vault.[8] Bones needed for the constructs are generated from the Ossein Foundry and infused with anima.[9] Stitching the flesh together requires Pristine Fleshstitcher Needles, carved from the bones of Maldraxxus itself, and Razorthread Spool (likely from the Razorthread Spiders seen around the House of Eyes and around the Thread House).[10] Once the body is constructed, the body is pumped full of ascerbic bile and mucilaginous enzymes[11] and then fitted with a heart.[12] Bringing the construct together requires an Abominable Stitching table and anima.[13] The weapons of the constructs are created at the Ossein Foundry.[14]

Each House of Maldraxxus has two Barons,[15] with Baroness Antolyte leading the House's invasion of Bastion[16] and Baron Halis staying in the House of Constructs. The Stitchmasters are elements of the House that resisted Gharmal's warmongering orders, instead remaining true to the vision of the Primus. Most of them were punished for standing against him by having their crafted forms taken from them, reducing them to useless souls. They later joined with the Necrolord Covenant, regaining their forms and helped to take down their former leader.


The true cost of our wars is the honored fallen. Damaged beyond reclamation upon the battlefield, the House of Constructs simply won't accept what they cannot remake.[17]



  • Many of the fleshcrafter NPCs use medical professional titles, like "Doctor" and "Surgeon".