NeutralHouse of Plagues
Afterlives - House of Plagues.png
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Stradama.gif Margrave Stradama †
Secondary leaders Unknown


Capital House of Plagues †
Base of operations Plague Watch
Theater of operations Maldraxxus
Affiliation Necrolord Covenant
Status Crippled

The House of Plagues is one of the five houses that rule Maldraxxus, the crafters of toxins and potions.[1] Its seat was destroyed at some point before the events of Shadowlands, after the anima draught began,[2] after they were approached by a lichof the House of Rituals (who may have been responsible for the explosion that caused their fall),[3] and before Margrave Stradama was to send a letter to someone discussing what had happened to the Primus.[4]. The House is currently struggling to survive. Of those who survived the fall of the house, many ended up being taken by the plagues released.[5] Many survivors continue to help rebuild the house, keeping experiments going while they recover.[6][7] The living slimes are the dearest of friends to the house and extremely useful,[8] such as being used in many of the poisons of the House of Eyes.[9] Fungrets can be seen guarding the entrance of the house.[10] The House of Eyes believed they fell due to conspiracy, rather than a simple accident as others believed.[11]

Every House of Maldraxxus has two Barons.[12] It is not clear who are the Barons of the House of Plagues, but Plague Deviser Marileth researched directly under the Margrave, was her confidant, considered himself responsible for the house as a whole,[2] and was her soulbind.[13] Similarly, Foul-Tongue Cyrlix is the "Master of Mixing" and directing many of the survivors and their experimentation at Plague Watch.[14]


  • Unlike the other houses, their banner's symbol is the same as that of the Necrolord Covenant as a whole.


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