This article is about the forces of the House of Rituals. For the subzone, see House of Rituals (subzone).
NeutralHouse of Rituals
Afterlives - House of Rituals.png
Main leader IconSmall Sin'dane.gif Margrave Sin'dane
Secondary leaders IconSmall Lich2.gif Baron Balmedar
  Formerly IconSmall Kel'ThuzadSL.gif Kel'Thuzad
IconSmall Lich2.gif Baroness Ninadar †


Capital House of Rituals
Theater of operations Maldraxxus; Bastion
Sub-group(s) Lichsworn
Affiliation Necrolord Covenant
  Formerly Mawsworn
Status Active

The House of Rituals is one of the five houses that rule Maldraxxus. Filled with sorcerers, necromancers and liches, referred to generally as the Ritualists,[1][2] the House of Rituals is the afterlife for those of a magical bent, who thrived in war, including the lich Kel'Thuzad. The house is constantly innovating and advancing the art of necromancy with new incantations and formulae.[3] The liches have a very selective application process for entry, and prefer applicants with magical aptitude[4] and will not lower their standards due to the drought or civil war.[5] Acolytes to the house must be tested for the privilege to wear the ritualist's mantle through summoning an elder spirit of Maldraxxus at the Prime Arcanum through the Grimoire of Ancient Summoning.[6] Maldracite is used both as a conduit for anima and to drawn runes when in the form of a finely ground dust.[7]

Every House in Maldraxxus has two Barons,[8] and the barons of the House of Rituals are, at first, Kel'Thuzad and Baroness Ninadar, but both barons betray Sin'dane in pursuit of power. Ninadar falls subservient to Kel'Thuzad, who aims to become the new Margrave; though she is ultimately slain by the Maw Walker. Kel'Thuzad's alliance to the Jailer revealed, he escapes; abandoning the House of Rituals. Margrave Sin'dane sides with the adventurer after she is saved from an attempt at Kel'thuzad consuming her power, appointing Balmedar as the new Baron of Rituals. One of the duties of one of the Barons is to maintain the libraries of the Grimorium.[9]