The House of Wrynn,[1] also known simply as House Wrynn[2][3] or the Wrynn Dynasty,[4] is the ruling house of the kingdom of Stormwind. It is helped in its duties by a royal court.

Family tree

The House of Wrynn's family tree.

Landan †
Spouse †
Barathen "Adamant" †
Varia †
Llane I †
Taria †
Varian †
Tiffin †
Anduin Llane


The kingdom of Stormwind was originally founded 1,200 years[5] before the First War by the descendants of the Arathi bloodline, who had migrated south from the nation of Arathor.[6] Traveling past the rocky mountains of Khaz Modan, their journey finally ended after many long seasons, and they settled in the northern region of the continent they would name Azeroth. In a fertile valley they founded the kingdom of Stormwind, which quickly became a self-sufficient power in its own right.[6] It had a long and prosperous history, with the king served loyally by the knights of the Brotherhood of the Horse and the clerics of the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics. Secretive conjurers also served the kingdom, and as such Stormwind Keep had its own court conjurer.

The constant bickering and infighting that marred the rules of the former kings of Arathor had no place in the court of Wrynn, and all had been peaceful for many generations in the kingdom until the Gnoll War. King Barathen Wrynn ended the conflict by scattering the unified gnoll packs and bringing back peace, solidifying the rule of the Wrynn dynasty over the entire kingdom.

The family survived the First War, but were not restored to the throne of the kingdom until after the end of the Second War. The kingdom was renamed Stormwind after the Third War. The Wrynns had minimal ties to other houses, though their friendship with the House of Menethil (the ruling house of Lordaeron) prior to its destruction at the start of the Third War is well-documented. The House of Wrynn remains in control of Stormwind, although Anduin (who was acting king after his father's disappearance) ruled through co-regents for a time.

Barathen "Adamant" Wrynn died during the Gurubashi War. King Llane Wrynn was assassinated by Garona Halforcen at the end of the First War. Tiffin was killed by a rock thrown at her head in a riot by the Stormwind-based Stonemasons Guild (which would eventually become the Defias Brotherhood). When the Burning Legion's third invasion came to Azeroth, Varian led the assault at the Broken Shore along with Sylvanas Windrunner. Varian was killed during the battle and his son Anduin became the new ruler of Stormwind.

Known members

Name Spouse Notes Status
IconSmall Human Male.gif King Landan Unknown Father of Barathen Wrynn and king of the human nation of Stormwind prior to the opening of the Dark Portal. Deceased
IconSmall Human Male.gif King Barathen IconSmall Human Female.gif Queen Varia Later nicknamed "Adamant". Father of Llane Wrynn I and ruler of Stormwind prior to the First War during the opening of the Dark Portal. Deceased
IconSmall Llane.gif King Llane I IconSmall Human Female.gif Queen Taria Father of King Varian Wrynn. Assassinated by Garona Halforcen. Deceased
IconSmall Varian.gif King Varian IconSmall Human Female.gif Queen Tiffin Former ruler of Stormwind. Killed at the Broken Shore. Deceased
IconSmall AnduinKing.gif King Anduin N/A Son of Varian and Tiffin. Previously acting king in Varian's absence, then succeeded his father after his death. Alive
Alternate timeline

Film universe

Icon-film-40x16.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft film universe and is considered non-canon.
Name Notes Status
IconSmall Human Male.gif King Barathen Father of King Llane and grandfather of King Varian and Princess Adariall. Deceased
IconSmall Human Male.gif King Llane Husband of Queen Taria and father of King Varian and Princess Adariall. Deceased
IconSmall Human Female.gif Queen Taria Half-sister of Anduin Lothar, wife of King Llane and mother of King Varian and Princess Adariall. Alive
IconSmall Human Female.gif Princess Adariall Daughter of King Llane and Queen Taria and older sister of King Varian. Alive
IconSmall Human Male.gif King Varian Son of King Llane and Queen Taria and younger brother of Princess Adariall. Alive




  • The Wrynns have a predilection for long hair.[10]
  • Varian's compass was originally intended to be a Wrynn family heirloom passed down from King Llane.[11] It was later changed to be a personal gift from Anduin to Varian.