NeutralHouse of the Chosen
Afterlives - House of the Chosen.png
Main leader IconSmall MalDraka.gif Margrave Draka
  Formerly IconSmall Vyraz.gif Margrave Vyraz †
IconSmall Krexus.gif Margrave Krexus †
Secondary leaders IconSmall Alexandros.gif Baron Alexandros


Capital House of the Chosen
Theater of operations Maldraxxus
Affiliation Necrolord Covenant
  Formerly Mawsworn
Status Active


The House of the Chosen is one of the five houses that rule Maldraxxus. Filled with countless champions, this house is one of the last holdouts against the Jailer's insidious campaign.

Every House of Maldraxxus has two Barons.[1] Initially, Vyraz and Alexandros Mograine served as the two barons, though the latter was later captured and imprisoned in the Maw; assumed dead. He was replaced by Draka, who came into the service of the House shortly after the fall of the House of Eyes. Mograine returned with the aid of the Maw Walker, though he did not resume his position. Instead; Vyraz proceeded to betray and slay Krexus alongside many of his loyal warriors. After this, Vyraz assumed the mantle of Margrave. Mograine and Draka proceeded to turn against Vyraz, leaving the two barons of the Chosen as empty positions.

Despite this, Draka still goes by the title of Baroness, perhaps in defiance of Vyraz's usurpation of Krexus' mantle. Alexandros also claims he acts in the name of the House of the Chosen when confronting Margrave Gharmal, though the House is later acknowledged to still be firmly in Vyraz's grasp.

The House of Rituals under control of Kel'Thuzad was helping the Chosen under Vyraz.[2][3] These Chosen eventually moved a bulk of their forces to Desmotaeron and Helgarde Keep; where Vyraz worked closely under the eye of Helya. Seeking retribution, Draka, Thrall, the Maw Walker and the Primus confronted the treasonous margrave and his sea-witch ally at the pinnacle of this area. Despite being empowered by Helya, Vyraz was defeated and Helya was banished by the Primus, restoring the House of the Chosen and avenging Krexus. With the Chosen back under their rightful liege, the Primus promoted Draka to serve as the new Margrave of the Chosen.

A challenge the Primus established for the House, usually reserved for the most renowned of soldiers, was to attempt to cross the lake of magma to reach the runed stone at the center of their citadel.[4]


The House of the Chosen is equal parts peerless and fearless. The fiercest fighters from the mortal realm are sent to Maldraxxus, where they become even greater in death than they were in life.[5]



  • During development, it was known as the "House of Warlords". This name survives in some object names, such as the "Warlords Brazier" during N [50-60WQ] Calling the Champions.