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How to roleplay
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Hello everybody! So you wanna roleplay a Human huh? Well I'll help you with that!

Basics and Traits

The Humans of Azeroth are a resilient race, and have fought their fair share of wars. While not as ancient as their elven brethren, they do have a rather diverse background. As such, Humans are one of the most flexible races to roleplay with. Whether you want to be a grizzled veteran from the First War, or a proud champion from the Third War, or just a courageous young adventurer trying to make his/her mark on the world, Humans allow you to forge your own unique character.

As many Humans have grown up with war, they are naturally a very tough race. However, they have also forged powerful kingdoms over history and have battled numerous enemies, so they are also very intelligent and quick. While not as haughty as the Night Elves, they do have a sense of superiority in the political affairs of the Alliance, and a strong urge to bring peace and justice.


There are 4 'basic' archetypes you can choose from, however since the goal is to enjoy creating a unique character, these can be mixed somewhat to make a full rounded character. Remember, very few characters are purely evil with no heart, and even fewer are completely "good".

The Varian Wrynn Ready to fight the Horde on sight! Not willing to make (or keep) peace when a fight could break out. A leader among the people, and quick to think, are his shining qualities. You'd basically do the best in an RP-PVP realm.

The Jaina Proudmoore Willing to do anything necessary to keep peace. However, when attacked she defends herself and allies proudly! Intelligence, heart, and courage make up her best attributes. You'd do best on a normal RP realm.

The Arthas Menethil Pre-corruption Kind, great fighter, and saves everybody he can. Is headstrong and can get into immense problems in the quest to save every one. He has all the heroic qualities a person could ever want! Keep in mind he's easily corrupted by his desire to protect. You'd do fine on any realm.

The Arthas Menethil Post-corruption Very dark, very evil, and very powerful. Will do anything he can to kill every person who oppose him. Will also send people on suicide missions if the rewards of such endeavors are more alluring than the person sent. You'd do fine on any realm.


Most humans tend to view orcs and trolls with hatred, but do not generally mind the other Horde races like Tauren, blood elves and goblins.

Class Choice


You could be a veteran of the Second or Third War, or a new recruit into the forces of Stormwind. Or you could be just a citizen who decided to raise arms to protect your loved ones and your land from the various threats of recent times. Clad in plate armor and charging into the battlefield, you are ready to face whatever opponents you are faced against.


You could be a operative of the SI:7 serving the greater good of Stormwind and the Alliance, or a member of the Ravenholdt, a closed association of assassins and rogues. Or you could be a inmate of the Stockades, recently pardoned to assist in the fight. You could even be a member of the Syndicate or the Defias Brotherhood, feigning as a good member of the Alliance, but secretly working to weaken the Alliance. Choosing your organization, or the decision to go freelancing, will dictate a lot of your actions, as various rogue organizations have very different motives and objectives. Also, if you choose to be of the Syndicate or the Brotherhood, expect other players to be hostile towards you.


You will most likely be a member of the Church of the Holy Light, an organization that worships the Holy Light. You will serve to bestow the members of the Alliance with the blessing of the Light and heal the wounded and the suffering. With the invasion of the Horde, Legion, the Scourge, and now the Cataclysm, your powers as a agent of the light and a spiritual guardian are required more than ever.

However, the Light is not the only path priests can take; there is also the Shadow. Formerly preached by Forsaken priests to justify their state of undeath with their original faith, Shadow Priests call upon the powers of the Shadow to inflict pain and suffering upon their enemies.


Although the human kingdoms of Azeroth utilize cultivation, that does not mean that hunting is non=existent. Rather, in the medieval settings of human kingdoms in World of Warcraft, hunting would be one of the chief methods in supplying protein and fat into their diets. With the recent wars, your skills as a indirect combatant and scout will be well valued.


The mages of Dalaran have always accepted humans into their ranks. Archmage Antonidas and Jaina Proudmoore are good examples of prominent human mages. As the wielder of the arcane, you could have risen to battle the enemies of the Alliance, or utilized the battlefield as an opportune experiment opportunity to hone your mastery over magic.


Warlocks and their fel magic have always fascinated humans thirsty for power. Using summoned demons and curses, warlocks are known for their ruthlessness. Fel magic have been declared as forbidden by the mages of the Kirin Tor and therefore, expect at least some animosity from mages. Also, the fact that you summon demons and even turn into one, will not bode well with some other members of the Alliance, especially night elves, who have fought against the demons of the Burning Legion for millenia.


As the divine protector of the Alliance or vindicator of justice, the paladin is a prominent class in the Alliance. Once in the Knights of the Silver Hand, you can choose a variety of organizations to further develop your paladin. Remnant paladins of the Silver hand either chose to affiliate themselves in the Argent Dawn to fight the Scourge in the Plaguelands or to join the Scarlet Crusade to eradicate all undead, and later everyone but themselves. With the declaration of war by Tirion Fordring, the Argent Crusade could be another good option.

Death Knight

As the Alliance battled against the Lich King and many have died in the battlefields, the Lich King selected strong humans to be resurrected as Death Knights to serve him. Death knights have once been completely brainwashed by the Lich King to serve his nefarious plans, but with the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, they have now broken free from the grasp of the Lich King and vowed vengeance. Human death knights have been seen in the ranks of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, such as Darion Mograine, their leader.

Location and clothes

Your location should influence clothing selection a lot! A Human in Icecrown with no clothes isn't right! Or a Human in the Badlands wearing clothes so thick that they could stay in Icecrown for a month before they start to feel cold! If you go into Elwynn Forest wear light clothes! If you go into Dun Morogh wear heavy, thick leather or warm, cloth clothes! Plenty of choices can be updated for the weather without need for multiple clothing sets in your bags. For example, the robes and cloth armor of Northerend will usually appear correct for cold climates in any area of the world, and by removing your cloak, shoulderpads, and gloves can serve as a decent "in-town" ensemble. Consider looking at NPCs of the zone for inspiration.