NeutralHozen in the Mist
Start  [Hozen in the Mist]
End Lorewalker Cho [83.3, 29.7]
Level 30-35
Category Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Experience 236000
Reputation +2850 The Lorewalkers
Rewards 19g 84s 50c


Bring Hozen in the Mist to Lorewalker Cho at the Seat of Knowledge.

Provided item:  [Hozen in the Mist]


Dear <name>,

Your research into the hozen has proven quite enlightening.

If you visit us at the Seat of Knowledge in Vale of Eternal Blossoms we can add this contribution to your personal collection.

Thank you for your diligence!


Lorewalker Cho


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


Hozen are, by their very nature, a rambunctious lot.

We will add this knowledge to your collection. If you wish me to narrate this for you, simply point at the correct volume in your Private Collection.



Upon completion of the  [Hozen in the Mist] Pandaria exploration achievement, Lorewalker Cho sends a letter via the in-game mail system. The letter has an item attached that starts this quest. See the achievement for more details.

Lorewalker Cho says: One day, a father grew tired of his young cub's misbehavior. "You act just like a hozen!" the father scolded. Still, his son misbehaved.
Lorewalker Cho says: To teach him a lesson, the father dragged the cub out to the forest, to watch how the hozen live. "Do you see what the hozen are like?" he asked, "Do you want to live like that?"
Lorewalker Cho says: The hozen are quite lively indeed. A short-lived race, few hozen survive past their 20th birthday. Their leaders are all 14 or 15. How mature were you at 14 years old? Mediate on that!
Lorewalker Cho says: Afterwards, the father asked his cub what he had learned.
Lorewalker Cho says: "I learned that we work and toil on our little farm, but that the hozen have the whole world as their garden." the cub said. "I learned that we squint by the light of a single candle, but that the hozen enjoy the light of the stars. I learned that I go to school every day, but that the hozen learn by doing."
Lorewalker Cho says: And the cub concluded, "I should very much like to live like a hozen!"
Lorewalker Cho says: Who then, was the wiser? The father or the cub?
Lorewalker Cho says: That, my friend, is for you to decide.


Optional breadcrumb: B [30-35] The Lorewalkers

  1. N [30-35] Your Private Collection
  2. One each day:
  3. Upon completing achievements:


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