NeutralHunter: Hunted
Start Cordana Felsong [84.8, 31.5]
End Cordana Felsong [84.8, 31.5]
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Legendary
Rewards  [Chapter II: Gul'dan Strikes Back]
15g 40s
Previous N [100] The Scrying Game
Next N [100] Touch of the Kirin-Tor


Follow Garona's trail into the Zangarra lowlands. Find, defeat, and capture her.


The weapon that stabbed the archmage was imbued with fel magic. He's slowly being poisoned!

<Name>, we don't have any time. Khadgar will be dead in minutes. I need you to track down Garona before she gets away - find that murder weapon and maybe we can find a cure!

Follow the traces of fel energy she left behind. Track her down into the Zangarra lowlands and capture her with this Violet Hold Incarceration rune.



You will receive:


Why are you wasting time? Find Garona!


The Kirin-Tor responded quickly. Jaina was here in minutes. But if you hadn't located Garona, the Archmage would've died for certain. Thank you, <name>!


On accept:

Cordana Felsong says: I will stay with the archmage and find help. Quickly! Capture Garona!

After finding the first few puddles of fel energy:

Zooti Fizzlefury says: Look for traces of fel energy and follow them! I saw her running west.

Go after the puddles of fel magic. Garona with taunt you along the way.

James Lamone says: I saw something rush past. I think she scrambled down the cliff here...
Garona Halforcen whispers: You're a brave one, coming after me all alone...
Garona Halforcen whispers: Come out into the open, "hero." Let me get a good look at you.
Garona Halforcen whispers: Following my trail? You're strong AND crafty. I LOVE a good hunt.

The trails stops with two traces of fel energy. Suddenly Garona ambushes the player with a poisoned bolt!

Garona Halforcen says: Got you!
Pursue Garona!

Follow Garona into a cave and defeat her, but be quick as the poison debuff is not on a timer and will last until she has been defeated. Fortunately the poison also gives a chance to gain Fel Infusion, a 10 second buff that increases Haste by 45%, damage dealt increased by 200% and healing done increased by 100%.

Garona Halforcen says: The poison is like fire in your veins, isn't it? Don't worry - it'll all be over soon!
Garona Halforcen says: Still on your feet? You're a tough one!
Garona Halforcen says: Better kill me quick. You don't have much time.
Garona Halforcen says: You're too late. Nothing can save your Archmage now.
Garona Halforcen says: Gul'dan takes what he wants. Always. I am nothing.

After damaging Garona to 2% of her health, she stops fighting and turns friendly. Interact with her to continue:

<The assassin can no longer put up a fight. Her arms hang limply at her sides.>
Finish it, <class>.
<A quick search of her belongings reveals the antidote to the poison she used on you. You hurriedly prepare the incarceration rune to capture her and send her up to Khadgar's Tower above.>

Gossip <Use the incarceration Rune.>

Garona is teleported away.

Return to the tower where Jaina Proudmoore kneels over the poisoned Khadgar.

Cordana Felsong says: Thank you, champion! We got the murder weapon just in time.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Be still, Khadgar. Garona's dagger was enchanted.
Archmage Khadgar groans in pain.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: This wound is grisly. You should see a priest.
Khadgar moves to a sitting position.
Archmage Khadgar says: No - no priest. Cordana, stitch me up.

On completion (Alliance):

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Thank you, Commander. You're an asset to the Alliance.
Archmage Khadgar says: I work with the best.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I heard you've been also working with the Horde. The rest of the Council of Six wouldn't approve. I don't.
Archmage Khadgar says: It's not the first time I've disagreed with the council and it won't be the last.
Jaina gives a small huff of annoyance.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Keep protecting our archmage, Commander. We'd be lost without him.

On completion (Horde):

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I see you've been working with the Horde.
Archmage Khadgar says: We're worlds away from the conflict in Azeroth. I need all the help I can find.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: The rest of the Council of Six doesn't want the Horde anywhere near Kirin Tor business.
Archmage Khadgar says: It's not the first time I've disagreed with the council and it won't be the last.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Stubborn old man!


  1. N [100] Call of the Archmage
  2. N [100D] Spires of the Betrayer
  3. N [100] Khadgar's Task
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N [100D] Tackling Teron'gor
  6. N [100] Eyes of the Archmage
  7. N [100] Fugitive Dragon
  8. N [100] The Dragon's Tale
  9. N [100] Tarnished Bronze
  10. N [100] Power Unleashed
  11. Complete both:
  12. N [100] The Scrying Game
  13. N [100] Hunter: Hunted
  14. N [100] Touch of the Kirin-Tor
  15. Complete all of:
  16. Complete both:
  17. N [100] Prisoner of the Mind
  18. N [100] Orb of Dominion
  19. N [100] Breaking Badness
  20. N [100] To Gul'dan!
  21. N [100] An Inside Job
  22. N [100] The Final Assault
  23. Complete all of:
  24. A [100] Light Be With You / H [100] Draenor's Blessing
  25. N [100R] Darkness Incarnate

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