For the Spires of Arak arakkoa, see Akana.
NeutralHunter Akana
Image of Hunter Akana
Race Ankoan (Humanoid)
Level 50
Class Hunter
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Waveblade Ankoan
Location Nazjatar
Status Alive

Hunter Akana is an experienced ankoan hunter located in Nazjatar. Born into a clan that was destroyed by the naga, he was forced to survive in the deep wilderness alone. Seeking vengeance for the deaths of his kin, he joined the Waveblade clan in their quest to defeat Queen Azshara.[1]




Criteria of



The time has come for the naga to hang on our walls.

Gossip Let us continue our mission.  (During A [50] The Lost Shaman, A [50] Elemental Fury, and A [50] Rescue The Farseer)


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  • At last, a fight!
  • At times, I can feel distant from my clan. But though I often hunt alone, I live and die for them.
  • Azshara believes she has us cornered. But that is when prey is at its most dangerous.
  • Blood is owed!
  • Crab hunting? In my clan, such chores are given to the children.
  • I have trained as a hunter since childhood. Whether beast or naga, my prey never escapes.
  • I will hunt the naga down to the last, and put an end to their vicious cruelty.
  • It is good to hunt with you, <class>. There is much we can learn from each other.
  • My clan invaded Nazjatar with a thirst for vengeance. We may die here... but we will die fighting.
  • My skills once provided food for my clan. Now they will provide vengeance.
  • Okani trusts that I will deal with the clan's largest threats. I am honored to do so.
  • Snapdragons are deadly predators. Be on your guard.
  • The depths are a dangerous place, with monsters the likes of which you have never seen.
  • The hunt begins!
  • The naga will pay for what they have done.
  • We should not leave the makrura to suffer at the hands of the naga. Let us free them.
  • What inspires you to battle, <class>? For me, it is the thrill of defeating a powerful opponent.
Rare mob defeated
  • A clean kill. Well done, my friend.


  • Do you require a tracker?
  • Hail, traveler.
  • I am listening.
  • I yearn for the hunt.
  • What have you seen?
  • Farewell for now.
  • Move swiftly.
  • Never underestimate your prey.
  • Our hunt continues.
  • Safe journey.


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