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For hunter abilities and talents on Classic servers, see Hunter abilities (Classic).

Hunter abilities are abilities used by hunters. Most abilities are shared between all specializations, while some are only specific to one (or two) specializations.


All hunters automatically learn the following abilities at the specified level, regardless of specialization. Pet abilities are listed in another section of this article.

Ability Level
Ability hunter steadyshot [Steady Shot] 1
Ability impalingbolt [Arcane Shot] 2
Ability rogue trip [Wing Clip] 3
Ability rogue feint [Disengage] 4
Ability mount jungletiger [Aspect of the Cheetah] 5
Ability physical taunt [Beast Lore] 5
Ability hunter beastcall [Call Pet 1] 5/B Hunter [1-10] Taming the Wilds
Spell nature spiritwolf [Dismiss Pet] 5
Ability hunter beasttraining [Feed Pet] 5
Ability hunter mendpet [Mend Pet] 5
Ability hunter beastsoothe [Revive Pet] 5/B Hunter [1-10] Taming the Wilds
Ability hunter beasttaming [Tame Beast] 5/B Hunter [1-10] Taming the Wilds
Ability rogue feigndeath [Feign Death] 6
Ability hunter markedfordeath [Hunter's Mark] 7
Ability hunter pet turtle [Aspect of the Turtle] 8
Ability hunter onewithnature [Exhilaration] 9
Spell frost chainsofice [Freezing Trap] 10/B Hunter [1-10] A Hunter's Trap
Ability hunter beastcall [Call Pet 2] 10/B Hunter [1-10] Hunting the Stalker
Ability hunter beastcall [Call Pet 3] 17
Spell fire flare [Flare] 19
Ability hunter pet goto [Command Pet] 22
Ability eyeoftheowl [Eyes of the Beast] 29
Ability hunter beastcall [Call Pet 4] 41
Ability hunter eagleeye [Eagle Eye] 43
Ability hunter beastcall [Call Pet 5] 48


The three hunter specializations are Beast Mastery (ranged DPS), Marksmanship (ranged DPS) and Survival (melee DPS).

For a summary of the characteristics and strengths of each spec, see Hunter specializations.


Talents become available at level 10. They can be changed at any time outside of combat, except during a PvP match or Mythic+ dungeon. A talented ability cannot be changed while it is on cooldown.

Row 5 is locked until 8 points are spent, and row 8 is locked until 20 points are spent.

Class talents[]

Row Talent Ranks Requirement
1 Ability hunter killcommand [Kill Command] 1 Beast Mastery/Marksmanship only; Automatic for Beast Mastery
Ability hunter killcommand [Kill Command] 1 Survival only; Automatic
Spell frost stun [Concussive Shot] 1
Ability hunter assassinate2 [Kill Shot] 1 Automatic for Marksmanship
2 Ability hunter aspectmastery [Trailblazer] 2 Kill Command OR Concussive Shot
Ability hunter posthaste [Posthaste] 2 Concussive Shot OR Kill Shot
Ability hunter snipertraining [Improved Kill Shot] 1 Kill Shot
3 Ability hunter mendpet [Wilderness Medicine] 2 Kill Command OR Trailblazer
Inv ammo arrow 03 [Counter Shot] 1 Trailblazer OR Posthaste (Beast Mastery/Marksmanship only)
Ability hunter negate [Muzzle] 1 Trailblazer OR Posthaste (Survival only)
Ability hunter onewithnature [Natural Mending] 2 Posthaste OR Improved Kill Shot
4 Spell yorsahj bloodboil black [Tar Trap] 1 Wilderness Medicine OR Counter Shot/Muzzle
Ability hunter misdirection [Misdirection] 1 Counter Shot/Muzzle
Spell nature spiritarmor [Survival of the Fittest] 1 Counter Shot/Muzzle OR Natural Mending
5 Spell nature drowsy [Tranquilizing Shot] 1 Wilderness Medicine OR Tar Trap
Ability ensnare [Entrapment] 1 Tar Trap
Ability hunter traplauncher [Improved Traps] 2 Tar Trap OR Misdirection OR Survial of the Fittest
Ability hunter huntervswild [Lone Survivor]/
Spell nature protectionformnature [Nature's Endurance]
1 Survival of the Fittest
Ability hunter aspectoftheviper [Born To Be Wild] 2 Survival of the Fittest OR Natural Mending
6 Ability druid cower [Scare Beast] 1 Tranquilizing Shot
Hunter pvp vipersting [Improved Tranquilizing Shot] 1 Tranquilizing Shot
Ability devour [Intimidation]/
Spell fire selfdestruct [High Explosive Trap]
1 Tranquilizing Shot OR Entrapment
Ability golemstormbolt [Scatter Shot]/
Spell shaman bindelemental [Binding Shot]
1 Entrapment OR Improved Traps OR Lone Survivor/Nature's Endurance
Ability druid galewinds [Rejuvenating Wind] 2 Lone Survivor/Nature's Endurance
Ability hunter camouflage [Camouflage] 1 Lone Survivor/Nature's Endurance OR Born To Be Wild
Ability hunter sentinelowl [Sentinel Owl] 1 Born To Be Wild
7 Inv misc steelweaponchain [Binding Shackles] 1 Intimidation/High Explosive Trap OR Scatter Shot/Binding Shot
Rogue burstofspeed [Hunter's Avoidance]/Ability hunter fervor [Roar of Sacrifice] 1 Scatter Shot/Binding Shot
Ability hunter displacement [Pathfinding] 2 Scatter Shot/Binding Shot OR Rejuvenating Wind OR Camouflage
Spell nature sentinal [Sentinel's Perception]/
Ability hunter pet owl [Sentinel's Protection]
1 Sentinel Owl
8 Ability hunter catlikereflexes [Beast Master] 2 Improved Tranquilizing Shot OR Binding Shackles
Ability hunter silenthunter [Keen Eyesight] 2 Binding Shackles OR Hunter's Avoidance/Roar of Sacrifice OR Pathfinding
Ability hunter mastermarksman [Master Marksman] 2 Pathfinding OR Camouflage OR Sentinel's Perception/Sentinel's Protection
9 Ability hunter ferociousinspiration [Improved Kill Command] 2 Beast Master
Ability skeer bloodletting [Serrated Shots] 2 Beast Master OR Keen Eyesight
Inv engineering 90 bola [Arctic Bola] 2 Keen Eyesight OR Master Marksman
Spell hunter exoticmunitions poisoned [Serpent Sting] 1 Master Marksman
10 Ability hunter killcommand [Killer Instinct]/
Spell druid savagery [Alpha Predator]
1 Improved Kill Command
Ability hunter steeltrap [Steel Trap] 1 Serrated Shots
Ability hunter bestialdiscipline [Stampede]/
Ability maldraxxus hunter [Death Chakram]
1 Keen Eyesight
Ability hunter explosiveshot [Explosive Shot]/
Ability hunter rapidregeneration [Barrage]
1 Arctic Bola
Ability poisonarrow [Poison Injection]/
Inv hydrasbite [Hydra's Bite]
1 Serpent Sting

Specialization talents[]

Beast Mastery Beast Mastery
Row Talent Ranks Requirement
1 Ability hunter cobrashot [Cobra Shot] 1
2 Ability hunter invigeration [Pack Tactics] 1 Cobra Shot
Ability upgrademoonglaive [Multi-Shot] 1 Cobra Shot
Ability hunter barbedshot [Barbed Shot] 1 Cobra Shot
3 Ability deathwing assualtaspects [Aspect of the Beast] 1 Pack Tactics
Ability hunter separationanxiety [Kindred Spirits] 2 Barbed Shot
Spell hunter adaptation [Training Expert] 2 Barbed Shot
4 Ability hunter bestialdiscipline [Animal Companion] 1 Aspect of the Beast
Ability hunter sickem [Beast Cleave] 2 Multi-Shot
Ability physical taunt [Killer Command] 2 Kindred Spirits OR Training Expert
Ability hunter laceration [Sharp Barbs] 2 Training Expert
5 Ability hunter cobrashot [Cobra Sting] 2 Animal Companion
Ability hunter thrillofthehunt [Thrill of the Hunt] 3 Animal Companion OR Aspect of the Beast OR Beast Cleave
Spell druid bloodythrash [Kill Cleave] 1 Beast Cleave
Ability hunter murderofcrows [A Murder of Crows]/
Ability druid primaltenacity [Bloodshed]
1 Killer Command OR Sharb Barbs
Ability hunter cobrastrikes [Cobra Senses] 1 Sharb Barbs
6 Ability hunter longevity [Dire Beast] 1 Cobra Sting OR Thrill of the Hunt
Ability druid ferociousbite [Bestial Wrath] 1 Thrill of the Hunt OR Beast Cleave OR Kill Cleave
Ability hunter barbedshot [War Orders] 2 Kill Cleave OR A Murder of Crows/Bloodshed OR Cobra Senses
7 Ability hunter assassinate [Hunter's Prey] 1 Cobra Sting OR Dire Beast
Warrior talent icon thunderstruck [Stomp] 2 Dire Beast OR Thrill of the Hunt OR Bestial Wrath
Ability druid ferociousbite [Barbed Wrath] 1 Bestial Wrath
Ability hunter masterscall [Wild Call] 1 Bestial Wrath OR War Orders
Spell nature protectionformnature [Aspect of the Wild] 1 War Orders
8 Ability hunter ferociousinspiration [Dire Command] 3 Hunter's Prey OR Stomp
Spell shadow lifedrain [Scent of Blood] 2 Barbed Wrath
Icon upgradestone beast uncommon [One with the Pack] 2 Wild Call
Ability hunter beastwithin [Master Handler]/
Inv waepon bow zulgrub d 01 [Snake Bite]
1 Aspect of the Wild
9 Ability hunter huntervswild [Dire Frenzy] 2 Dire Command
Ability theblackarrow [Wailing Arrow] 1 Dire Command OR Stomp OR Scent of Blood
Ability druid rake [Brutal Companion] 1 Scent of Blood OR One with the Pack
Ability hunter callofthewild [Call of the Wild] 1 One with the Pack OR Master Handler/Snake Bite
10 Ability hunter sickem [Dire Pack] 1 Dire Frenzy
Ability hunter snaketrap [Killer Cobra]/
Inv misc monsterfang 02 [Piercing Fangs]
1 Scent of Blood
Ability hunter beastwithin [Wild Instincts]/
Ability racial cannibalize [Bloody Frenzy]
1 Call of the Wild
Marksmanship Marksmanship
Row Talent Ranks Requirement
1 Inv spear 07 [Aimed Shot] 1
2 Ability hunter focusfire [Crack Shot] 1 Aimed Shot
Ability hunter improvedsteadyshot [Improved Steady Shot] 1 Aimed Shot
Ability hunter snipertraining [Precise Shots] 2 Aimed Shot
3 Ability hunter efficiency [Rapid Fire] 1 Crack Shot
Spell hunter lonewolf [Lone Wolf] 1 Crack Shot OR Improved Steady Shot OR Precise Shots
Ability hunter chimerashot2 [Chimaera Shot] 1 Precise Shots
4 Ability hunter aimedshot [Streamline] 2 Rapid Fire
Ability hunter piercingshots [Killer Accuracy] 2 Rapid Fire OR Crack Shot OR Lone Wolf
Hunter pvp snipershot [Hunter's Knowledge] 2 Lone Wolf
Ability hunter zenarchery [Careful Aim] 2 Lone Wolf OR Precise Shots OR Chimaera Shot
5 Ability hunter longshots [In the Rhythm]/
Ability hunter resistanceisfutile [Surging Shots]
1 Streamline
Ability hunter runningshot [Deathblow] 1 Streamline OR Killer Accuracy
Buff epichunter [Target Practice] 1 Killer Accuracy OR Hunter's Knowledge OR Careful Aim
Ability hunter mastermarksman [Focused Aim] 2 Careful Aim OR Chimaera Shot
6 Ability upgrademoonglaive [Multi-Shot] 1 In the Rhythm/Surging Shots OR Deathblow
Ability hunter razorwire [Razor Fragments] 1 Deathblow
Ability hunter crossfire [Tactical Reload] 2 Target Practice OR Focused Aim
Spell hunter focusingshot [Deadeye] 1 Focused Aim
Ability hunter burstingshot [Bursting Shot] 1 Focused Aim
7 Inv trickshot [Trick Shots] 1 Multi-Shot
Ability hunter thrillofthehunt [Bombardment] 1 Multi-Shot
Ability hunter rapidkilling [Volley] 1 Multi-Shot OR Razor Fragments
Hunter pvp snipershot [Steady Focus] 1 Target Practice OR Razor Fragments OR Tactical Reload
Ability hunter serpentswiftness [Serpentstalker's Trickery] 1 Tactical Reload OR Deadeye
Ability hunter wildquiver [Quick Load] 1 Bursting Shot
8 Inv ammo bullet 04 [Heavy Ammo]/
Ships ability armorpiercingammo [Light Ammo]
1 Trick Shots OR Bombardment OR Volley
Ability trueshot [Trueshot] 1 Volley OR Tactical Reload
Ability hunter lockandload [Lock and Load] 1 Tactical Reload OR Steady Focus OR Serpentstalker's Trickery
Ability hunter focusedaim [Bullseye] 1 Serpentstalker's Trickery
9 Ability hunter markedshot [Bulletstorm] 1 Trick Shots OR Heavy Ammo/Light Ammo
Ability hunter aimedshot [Sharpshooter] 2 Heavy Ammo/Light Ammo OR Volley
Ability hunter aspectoftheironhawk [Eagletalon's True Focus] 2 Trueshot
Ability theblackarrow [Wailing Arrow] 1 Trueshot OR Lock and Load OR Bullseye
Artifactability marksmanhunter legacyofthewindrunners [Legacy of the Windrunners] 2 Bullseye
10 Spell hunter exoticmunitions incendiary [Salvo] 1 Bulletstorm OR Heavy Ammo/Light Ammo OR Sharpshooter
Ability hunter assassinate [Calling the Shots]/
Spell hunter exoticmunitions frozen [Unerring Vision]
1 Eagletalon's True Focus
Inv ammo arrow 06 [Windrunner's Barrage]/
Ability hunter readiness [Readiness]
1 Wailing Arrow
Ability hunter laceration [Windrunner's Guidance] 1 Legacy of the Windrunners
Survival Survival
Row Talent Ranks Requirement
1 Ability hunter raptorstrike [Raptor Strike] 1
2 Inv wildfirebomb [Wildfire Bomb] 1 Raptor Strike
Ability bossmannoroth glaivethrust [Tip of the Spear] 2 Raptor Strike
3 Ability hunter sickem [Ferocity] 1 Wildfire Bomb
Ability hunter killcommand [Flanker's Advantage] 1 Wildfire Bomb OR Raptor Strike OR Tip of the Spear
Ability hunter harpoon [Harpoon] 1 Tip of the Spear
4 Ability hunter invigeration [Energetic Ally] 1 Ferocity
Ability druid primaltenacity [Bloodseeker] 1 Ferocity OR Wildfire Bomb
Spell hunter aspectoftheironhawk [Aspect of the Eagle] 1 Flanker's Advantage OR Harpoon
Ability hunter harpoon [Terms of Engagement] 1 Harpoon
5 Spell mage flameorb [Guerrilla Tactics] 1 Energetic Ally OR Ferocity OR Bloodseeker
Ability bossmannoroth glaivethrust [Lunge] 1 Bloodseeker
Ability hunter carve [Carve]/
Ability butcher cleave [Butchery]
1 Bloodseeker OR Flanker's Advantage OR Aspect of the Eagle
Ability hunter mongoosebite [Mongoose Bite] 1 Aspect of the Eagle OR Harpoon
6 Ability hunter mastertactitian [Intense Focus] 1 Energetic Ally OR Guerrilla Tactics
Inv eng bombfire [Improved Wildfire Bomb] 2 Guerrilla Tactics OR Lunge
Ability demonhunter manabreak [Frenzy Strikes] 1 Carve/Butchery
Ability hunter invigeration [Flanking Strike] 1 Carve/Butchery OR Mongoose Bite
Inv polearm 2h heirloomspear c 01 [Spear Focus] 2 Mongoose Bite
7 Ability hunter potentvenom [Viper's Venom] 2 Intense Focus OR Improved Wildfire Bomb
Inv polearm 2h kultirasharpoon a 01 [Sharp Edges] 2 Improved Wildfire Bomb OR Frenzy Strikes
Spell warrior wildstrike [Sweeping Spear] 2 Frenzy Strikes OR Flanking Strike
Ability hunter zenarchery [Tactical Advantage] 2 Flanking Strike
Ability druid disembowel [Bloody Claws] 2 Spear Focus
8 Inv misc 5potionbag special [Wildfire Infusion] 1 Viper's Venom
Ability hunter fervor [Quick Shot] 1 Viper's Venom OR Sharp Edges
Inv coordinatedassault [Coordinated Assault] 1 Sharp Edges OR Sweeping Spear
Ability hunter masterscall [Killer Companion] 2 Sweeping Spear OR Tactical Advantage OR Bloody Claws
9 Inv polearm 2h artifacteagle d 01 [Fury of the Eagle] 1 Wildfire Infusion OR Quick Shot
Ability hunter thrillofthehunt [Ranger] 2 Quick Shot OR Coordinated Assault
Ability hunter pet goto [Coordinated Kill] 2 Coordinated Assault
Inv misc bomb 05 [Explosives Expert] 2 Coordinated Assault OR Killer Companion
Ability hunter spearhead [Spearhead] 1 Killer Companion
10 Ability rogue findweakness [Ruthless Marauder] 2 Fury of the Eagle
Spell hunter aspectofthehawk [Birds of Prey]/
Inv eng bombfire [Bombardier]
1 Coordinated Kill
Ability hunter separationanxiety [Deadly Duo] 2 Spearhead

PvP talents[]

PvP talents become available at level 20. Up to 3 PvP talents may be active at any given time (with additional slots becoming available at levels 30 and 40).

These talents are active in the open world with War Mode turned on, as well as during instanced PvP. They have no effect in dungeons and raids.


Glyphs are items that can change a spell or ability's visual appearance. Most glyphs are crafted by scribes, are color-coded by class, and can be applied as early as level 11. They can be removed at any time outside of combat using Inv misc dust 02 [Vanishing Powder].

Glyph Used on
Inv glyph minorhunter [Glyph of Arachnophobia] Ability hunter longevity [Dire Beast]
Inv glyph minorhunter [Glyph of Dire Bees] Ability hunter longevity [Dire Beast]
Inv glyph minorhunter [Glyph of Lesser Proportion] Ability hunter beastcall [Call Pet]
Inv glyph minorhunter [Glyph of Nesingwary's Nemeses] Ability hunter longevity [Dire Beast]
Inv glyph minorhunter [Glyph of Stellar Flare] Spell fire flare [Flare]
Inv glyph minorhunter [Glyph of the Dire Stable] Ability hunter longevity [Dire Beast]
Inv glyph minorhunter [Glyph of the Goblin Anti-Grav Flare] Spell fire flare [Flare]
Inv glyph minorhunter [Glyph of the Hook] Ability hunter harpoon [Harpoon]
Inv glyph minorhunter [Glyph of the Trident] Ability hunter harpoon [Harpoon]

Pet taming[]

Several families and types of pets can only be tamed after learning the correct skill. Certain playable races automatically know how to tame one of these pet types.

Pet family/type Unlocked with Automatically known by
Blood beast Trade archaeology orc bloodtext [Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers]
Cloud serpent Inv misc book 02 [How to School Your Serpent] Pandaren
Direhorn Inv misc book 16 [Ancient Tome of Dinomancy] Zandalari troll
Feathermanes Spell paladin divinecircle [Tome of the Hybrid Beast]
Gargon Inv misc book 07 [Gargon Training Manual]
Lesser dragonkin Inv 10 inscription2 book3 color5 [How to Train a Dragonkin]
Mechanical beasts Inv engineering mechabond imprint matrix [Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix] Gnome, goblin, mechagnome
Ottuks Inv riverotterlargemount02 brown [Ottuk Taming]
Undead beasts Inv offhand pvp330 d 02 [Simple Tome of Bone-Binding] Undead


Pet abilities[]

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