Hunter abilities are abilities used by hunters. Most abilities are shared between all specializations, while some are only specific to one (or two) specializations.


All hunters automatically learn the following abilities at the specified level, regardless of specialization. Pet abilities are listed in another section of this article.

Ability Level
[Steady Shot] 1
[Arcane Shot] 2
[Wing Clip] 3
[Disengage] 4
[Aspect of the Cheetah] 5
[Beast Lore] 5
Ability hunter beastcall.png [Call Pet 1] 5/Quest
[Dismiss Pet] 5
[Feed Pet] 5
[Mend Pet] 5
[Revive Pet] 5/Quest
[Tame Beast] 5/Quest
[Feign Death] 6
[Hunter's Mark] 7
[Aspect of the Turtle] 8
[Exhilaration] 9
Ability hunter beastcall.png [Call Pet 2] 10/Quest
[Freezing Trap] 10/Quest
Ability hunter beastcall.png [Call Pet 3] 17
[Flare] 19
[Tar Trap] 21
[Command Pet] 22
[Misdirection] 27
[Eyes of the Beast] 29
[Tranquilizing Shot] 37
[Scare Beast] 39
Ability hunter beastcall.png [Call Pet 4] 41
[Kill Shot] 42
[Eagle Eye] 43
Ability hunter beastcall.png [Call Pet 5] 48


The three hunter specializations are Beast Mastery (ranged DPS), Marksmanship (ranged DPS) and Survival (melee DPS).

For a summary of the characteristics and strengths of each spec, see Hunter specializations.


Talents become available at level 15. Only one talent can be chosen from each tier.

They can be swapped out any time outside of a rested area using  [Tome of the Tranquil Mind].

Hunter talents
Level Choices
15 Beast Mastery [Killer Instinct] [Animal Companion] [Dire Beast]
Marksmanship [Master Marksman] [Serpent Sting] [A Murder of Crows]
Survival [Viper's Venom] [Terms of Engagement] [Alpha Predator]
25 Beast Mastery [Scent of Blood] [One with the Pack] [Chimaera Shot]
Marksmanship [Careful Aim] [Barrage] [Explosive Shot]
Survival [Guerrilla Tactics] [Hydra's Bite] [Butchery]
30 [Trailblazer] [Natural Mending] [Camouflage]
35 Beast Mastery [Spitting Cobra] [Thrill of the Hunt] [A Murder of Crows]
Marksmanship [Steady Focus] [Streamline] [Chimaera Shot]
Survival [Bloodseeker] [Steel Trap] [A Murder of Crows]
40 Beast Mastery [Born To Be Wild] [Posthaste] [Binding Shot]
Marksmanship [Binding Shackles]
Survival [Binding Shot]
45 Beast Mastery [Stomp] [Barrage] [Stampede]
Marksmanship [Lethal Shots] [Dead Eye] [Double Tap]
Survival [Tip of the Spear] [Mongoose Bite] [Flanking Strike]
50 Beast Mastery [Aspect of the Beast] [Killer Cobra] [Bloodshed]
Marksmanship [Calling the Shots] [Lock and Load] [Volley]
Survival [Birds of Prey] [Wildfire Infusion] [Chakrams]

PvP talents

PvP talents become available at level 20. Up to 3 PvP talents may be active at any given time (with additional slots becoming available at levels 30 and 40).

These talents are active in the open world with War Mode turned on, as well as during instanced PvP. They have no effect in dungeons and raids.


Glyphs are items that can change a spell or ability's visual appearance. Most glyphs are crafted by scribes, are color-coded by class, and can be applied as early as level 11. They can be removed at any time outside of combat using  [Vanishing Powder].

Glyph Used on
 [Glyph of Arachnophobia] [Dire Beast]
 [Glyph of Dire Bees] [Dire Beast]
 [Glyph of Lesser Proportion] [Call Pet]
 [Glyph of Nesingwary's Nemeses] [Dire Beast]
 [Glyph of Stellar Flare] [Flare]
 [Glyph of the Dire Stable] [Dire Beast]
 [Glyph of the Goblin Anti-Grav Flare] [Flare]
 [Glyph of the Hook] [Harpoon]
 [Glyph of the Trident] [Harpoon]


There are several tomes that can teach hunters additional abilities.

Pet taming

Other abilities

Pet abilities

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