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Hunter of Night

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NeutralHunter of Night
Start Broxigar the Red
End Broxigar the Red
Level 100 - 110 (Requires 98)
Category Black Rook Hold
Experience 14,800
Rewards  [Ring of the Displaced Mage]
or  [Defiler's Cord]
or  [Belt of Shadowsong]
or  [Pit Lord's Chain]
or  [Broxigar's Girdle]
19g 40s
Previous N [10-45] The Red Axe


Defeat Malvingeroth


A glorious battle indeed! If I am correct, we can expect something a bit more deadly at any moment. The Legion often uses fodder such as these to prepare the way for a more worthy foe. My axe is sharp and ready.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv 70 dungeon ring7a.png [Ring of the Displaced Mage] Inv belt cloth legionendgame c 01.png [Defiler's Cord]
Inv belt leather legionendgame c 01.png [Belt of Shadowsong] Inv belt mail legionendgame c 01.png [Pit Lord's Chain]
Inv belt plate legionendgame c 01.png [Broxigar's Girdle]

You will also receive: 19g 40s


The spirits honor us with a day of glorious combat! You have my well-earned respect, Illidan Stormrage. I will gladly follow you into any battle.



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