BossHuntsman Altimor
Image of Huntsman Altimor
Gender Male
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Class Hunter
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Castle Nathria
Status Killable

Huntsman Altimor is a boss located in Castle Nathria. Altimor is a hunter who fights the raid with a trio of gargon, each with a different set of abilities, but all sharing the same health pool with Altimor. Margore will leap at enemies, Bargast creates ghostly shades of itself, and Hecutis uses overwhelming stone might to crush the raid.

Huntsman Altimor is typically fought as the second boss, after Shriekwing, as is seen as one of the easier bosses in the instance.

Adventure Guide

Sire Denathrius seldom engages in the hunts himself, but Altimor makes certain the master has the finest beasts should he ever choose to indulge. Margore, Barghast, and Hecutis have been trained longer than most beasts have existed, and each is ready to deliver the Huntsman's wrath to any in his domain.


Huntsman Altimor requires two tanks. [Bloodlust] effects should be saved for the third phase, where raid-wide damage is at its highest. Huntsman Altimor retains the same abilities from start to finish, with only his three beasts having different abilities, who come out when the last one dies. Altimor will start with Margore, then release Bargast, and finally Hecutis. All damage done to the beasts is also done to the boss, so classes with a lot of cleave-damage will do well in Phases 1 and 3.

The Boss: Altimor melees the tank for relatively weak physical damage. He will periodically fire Sinseeker bolts, targeting 3 players and showing 3 red arrows coming from the boss to show where they are going. The bolts will strike any player in front of- and behind the targeted players. To respond to this, the targeted players should typically stand still and let other players move away from them. Unless the targeted players happen to be on-top of each other, it is far less messy for other players to move away. In addition, he will periodically fire Spreadshots, a cone of bolts targeted at random players who need to be healed through.

Phase 1, Margore: Starting the fight, Margore should be tanked on top of the Huntsman to cleave them both. Margore will hit the tank with Jagged Claws, causing a bleed effect that forces tanks to swap every few stacks. He will also target random non-tank players with Vicious Lunge, creating a targeting circle on the player. When the debuff expires, Margore will leap at the player and deal a large amount of damage evenly split among all players in the targeting circle. Nearby players should simply stack to soak the lunge. Some classes can also immune effects like [Ice Block] to nullify the attack. This phase is quite basic and should not cause much trouble. Once Margore is down, Bargast will join the fight.

Phase 2, Bargast: This phase requires far more coordination than the last. Tanks should position Altimor far away from Bargast, though still in range of healers, because of the Rip Soul ability. Rip Soul will create a ghost of Bargast's current tank, which will begin walking towards Altimor. Should this ghost reach Altimor, he will become empowered and deal 100% more damage, likely causing a wipe. The ghost is friendly and must be healed to full to force it to despawn. If necessary, Altimor's tank can also keep moving the boss away from the shade to buy the healers more time.

Another deadly mechanic is Shades of Bargast, which is cast shortly after the Rip Soul cast. Unlike the Ripped Soul mob, this shade is hostile and will begin casting Deathly Roar, a nasty dot that will likely wipe the raid if it goes off. However, the shade is vulnerable to almost every form of crowd control, including stuns, traps, and fears. In addition, the longer the shade is CC'd, the more damage it takes due to the Destabilize debuff that increases when it is under loss of control effects. Typically, the raid should wait until it has between 10-15 stacks of Destabilize to kill the shade, as when the shade reaches 100% energy, it will become immune to all CC effects and promptly cast Death Roar, wiping the raid. The timing on slaying the Shade of Bargast is critical to surviving this phase, with DPS classes saving their burst damage effects for this moment. The raid needs to remember to have the shades down prior to the transition to Phase 3, as having a messy transition could potentially lead to a wipe.

Phase 3, Hecutis: Bloodlust effects should be used immediately, as letting this phase go on for too long can potentially lead to raid damage becoming non-survivable. Altimor and Hecutis can be stacked on each other for cleave damage. Players will periodically be afflicted with Petrifying Howl, causing a large circle to appear around them. After the debuff expires, a circle of permanent stone shards will appear on the ground. Similar to Echolocation on Shriekwing, these circles should be dropped at the edges of the room to keep movement around the room safe. In addition to hitting the tanks hard, Hecutis will also be gaining a stacking buff called Crushing Stone which can be removed by moving. However, each time a stack is shed, it will trigger a large burst of raid-wide nature damage. Consequently, tanks and healers need to coordinate and call out when they would like Hecutis to be moved, allowing the healers to time cooldowns to keep the raid topped up and the tanks safe. Due to the large amount of raid-wide damage from Crushing Stone, all players must be ready to use their personal defensive cooldowns and warlock healthstones. Coordination between the tanks and healers is key to keeping everyone alive and defeating this final phase.

After Hecutis is dead, Altimor will gain a damage buff, but provided at least most of the raid is alive at this point, the boss should go down in short order.

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Huntsman Altimor yells: Release the hounds!
Huntsman Altimor yells: Ha, the hunt begins!
  • Huntsman Altimor yells: Nothing escapes my sight!
  • Huntsman Altimor yells: I have enough bolts for everyone!
Huntsman Altimor yells: This bolt has your name on it!
Vicious Lunge
Huntsman Altimor yells: Margore, make them bleed!
Phase 2
Huntsman Altimor yells: Bargast, come!
Rip Soul
Huntsman Altimor yells: Bargast, rend their souls!
Phase 3
Huntsman Altimor yells: Hecutis, here, now!
Petrifying Howl
Huntsman Altimor yells: Hecutis, shatter bone!
Beasts killed
Huntsman Altimor yells: Precious, no!
Huntsman Altimor yells: Your deaths will not be as swift!
Player killed
Huntsman Altimor yells: My beasts will eat well tonight!
Huntsman Altimor yells: You are... the alpha now...

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