The entrance to the dens.

The Hyjal Barrow Dens[53, 19] is a large and ornate barrow den located northeast of Ruins of Lar'donir in the Verdant Thicket atop Mount Hyjal.

The Hyjal Barrow Dens are defended by Barrow Deeps Watchers, affiliated with the Guardians of Hyjal. They seem to be "lesser" wardens with less extreme armor components, and open-faced helms similar to Maiev Shadowsong's in-game model in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The Barrow Deeps Watchers fight with Twilight Assassins, who are trying to free Fandral Staghelm.

The entrance hallway leads into an area with some small living quarters carved into the sides of the hall. This, in turn, leads to a larger room divided by a small, shallow pond, with a gazebo-covered path going across it. From this room, one can look across a deep lake from a balcony and see that the barrow dens extend far beyond the accessible area. From the room/platform with the pond, one can go through a door to a bridge that goes over deep chasm or underground river. This bridge leads to a room with more small living quarters carved around its circumference, and a small pond with a platform in its center. On that platform stands Captain Saynna Stormrunner, who shares her appearance with Maiev, watching over Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm, who is in chains.

Grotto Voles, Bats, and Schools of Fish can be found here.


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Given the high amount of Watchers within, it may be the same Barrow Den where Illidan was kept between the War of the Ancients and the Third War, known as the Barrow Deeps.

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