HordeI've Got Your Back
Start Razgaji
End Razgaji
Level 30-50
Category Vol'dun
Experience 16,450 (at level 110)
Reputation +25 Voldunai
Rewards 19g 40s (at level 110)
Previous H [30-50] Seeking Shelter
Next H [30-50] Hungry Mouths To Feed and H [30-50] I Heard You Lost the Herd


Guard Razgaji while he meets with Mojambo.

  • Speak with Razgaji
  • Razgaji escorted


It's good to see a new face around here. I've got a problem and you look like you can handle a fight.

Dat group of murderous thugs over dere are looking for trouble and I need someone to back me up.

De truth is dat I used to be one of dem myself, but I left for a second chance at an honest life.

I need to convince Mojambo and his henchmons to leave before dey start causing trouble for de rest of de outcasts here.


You will receive:


Mojambo isn't going to back down easily.


Mojambo will come back with all his minions. And when he does... dere will be blood.


On accept:

Razgaji says: We'll proceed when you're ready.

Talk to Razgaji:

Vol'dun may be a treacherous wasteland, but it's da only home I've got.
Gossip I'm ready. Let's go.

Razgaji walks down into the Scorched Sands Arena, where Mojambo is now waiting with a group of four Zandalari Exiles.

Razgaji says: Be on your guard. Mojambo can't be trusted...

Razgaji stops a short distance in front of Mojambo.

Mojambo says: Well, if it isn't Razgaji! I told you we'd find him here...
Mojambo says: You weren't hiding from your old friends were you?[sic]
Zandalari Exile says: Hehehe...
Razgaji says: I'm done Mojambo.[sic] I be tired of killing and stealing to survive. I'll be going my own way now...
Mojambo says: Done? I be de one that decides when you're done! You know what happens to deserters!
Razgaji says: I'm not going back wit' you. Do you really think your petty thugs can handle my friend here? Don't start a fight you can't win.
Zandalari Exile says: I can take de <race>, boss! No problem!
Mojambo says: No! We gonna let him have it his way. We'll leave for now... but when we come back we won't be so generous!
Mojambo says: Enjoy your last day alive Razgaji.[sic] De next we meet... it gonna be your last!

Mojambo and his exiles turn around and walk out of the arena to the north, while Razgaji heads back to the southern edge of the arena.


  1. H [30-50] Seeking Shelter
  2. H [30-50] I've Got Your Back
  3. Complete all of:
    1. H [30-50] Mystery Meat & H [30-50] Vol'duni Fried Chicken
    2. H [30-50] The Chef's Apprentice
    3. H [30-50] Savage Saurolisks & H [30-50] They Might Be Delicious
    1. H [30-50] Alpacas Gone Wild & H [30-50] Snarltooth's Last Laugh
  4. H [30-50] Liquid Motivation
  5. H [30-50] Bandit Blades & H [30-50] Stolen Goods & H [30-50] Tongo
  6. H [30-50] Arming the Tribe
  7. H [30-50] Mojambo
  8. Optional followups:

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