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I Found Pepe! is a Collections achievement awarded for finding Pepe wearing four different special outfits around Draenor.

For some time, this achievement was listed as an obtainable achievement in-game despite not yet having been enabled on live realms. It was finally enabled after being announced on the official site along with the Pepe plush from the Blizzard Gear store.[1]


Knight Pepe — Talador [51.0, 63.3]

Sir Pepe is a knight, you see, but every warrior needs a rest. You’ll find him half-asleep right now near a pile of amythest.[1]

Ninja Pepe — Gorgrond [47.5, 41.3]

What killed these iron hordies, you thought you knew—but alas, you were wrong. Turns out it was the stealthy Ninja Pepe all along.[1]

Pirate Pepe — Spires of Arak [54.1, 83.6]

Pirate Pepe flew down south to visit his feathered friends. You’ll find him there relaxing in some arakkoa ru-ins[sic].[1]

Viking Pepe — Nagrand [80.0, 50.4]

This Pepe will be easy for anyone to spot. Viking Pepe always thought his dancing moves were hot.[1]

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