Ice Barbed Spear is a rare two-handed polearm. It gives a bonus to strength, agility, and stamina. It has a natural blue icy weapon glow.


This item is a reward from H [20-60P] Hero of the Frostwolf and A [20-60P] Hero of the Stormpike.



This item's high max damage, +str, and +stam makes it an ideal weapon for Warriors and Paladins.

This item is unlikely to be replaced until Outland is reached. Many players (Warriors, Hunters, Paladins) who have engaged in a great deal of PvP, or are not yet in Outland, are often seen with this weapon.

This item is exceptionally good for players at level 51 to the point that many consider it unbalanced. It was intended for level 60 players and is balanced to be good at that level.

Despite the fact of most classes learning Pole arms at 20, this particular one can be used at any level.


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