Ice revenant

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For the Warcraft III creep, see Ice Revenant (Warcraft III). For the mob, see Ice Revenant.
Ice revenant
Ice Revenant.jpg
Classification Elemental, Revenant
Racial capital Elemental Plane
Racial leader(s) Neptulon (supposed)
Area(s) Northrend
Ice Revenant in Warcraft III: Reforged.

Ice revenants are elemental revenants.


As a companion pet

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Ice revenants are revenants based on the elements of "cold" and "water", the elements of "ice". The creature is seemingly humanoid, but walks on legs of ice rather than flesh. An ice revenant wears flowing black robes under scale mail armor and carries a heavy mace and large metal shield emblazoned with a single light blue-colored image of an eyeball. Etched into the shield, radiating from the eye out to the shield's edges, are yellow beams. The eye sockets of the creature's metallic helm shines with a menacing blue light, and its arms are of ice, much like the visible portions of its legs. Ice revenants are unpredictable creatures, following the winter snows and retiring to the cold plains of the north during the warmer southern months. They may arise anywhere, entering an area at a whim so long as there is snow on the ground or an intense chill in the air. They despise heat and will not enter warm areas or occupied houses. They are known for kidnapping children who wander into the woods on a snowy day. Ice revenants use their [Frost Nova] spells as soon as possible, even choosing single targets if necessary. They then enter melee. In packs, they coordinate their strikes on a single target at a time.[1]