Horde Iceblood Tower
Iceblood Tower.jpg
Iceblood Tower in conflict (captured but not yet destroyed) by the alliance.
Abbreviation 'IB' or 'IB Tower'
Type Tower
Faction Horde Frostwolf Clan

Iceblood Tower is located just south / behind Iceblood Garrison and it the northen most horde tower in Alterac Valley. It is one of the first two / three horde targets for the alliance when the battle starts – especially if the alliance lack the strength to take down Galvangar in Iceblood Garrison.

Like Tower Point, it is protected by 4 Frostwolf Bowmen. There are no archers on the middle platform of the tower – all the archers are on the top of the tower. If killed, they will respawn after a length of time (if tower is still under horde control). It is possible for an alliance player to bypass and not kill any of Frostwolf Bowmen and capture the flag due to the design of the 'flag room'.

The watch tower is located very close to Iceblood Graveyard (just north west of it) and is passed by nearly all alliance players heading south (due to the chokepoint). Defending horde players can often easily recapture the tower in the early starting stages of the battle; most alliance players bypass the tower to take Iceblood Garrison and Iceblood Graveyard and as such, it is often only taken by one to two alliance players. Alliance players also commonly (but not always) abandon the towers without waiting for the timer straight after capturing the flag.