MobIcetusk tribe
Main leader  Drakani Death-Defiler
Race(s) Ice trollIce troll Ice troll
IconSmall UndeadTroll Male.gifIconSmall UndeadTroll Female.gif Undead ice troll
Dire troll Dire troll
Character classes Slave, Necromancer, Prophet, Shadowcaster, Warrior
Theater of operations The Dread Chain
Language(s) Zandali
Status Active

The Icetusk tribe is an ice troll tribe located on the Dread Chain and assault other islands looking for Azerite. Originating in Northrend, they resisted the Lich King's promises and set out on huge canoes to find salvation. And yet, all they found was hardship and despair. In dark times, they turned to necromancy, and thus the tribe has lived on, but only barely.[1] They are referred to as island trolls.[2]




  • They are also referred to as a clan.[3]


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