Icewing Bunker

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Alliance Icewing Bunker
Icewing Bunker.jpeg
Icewing Bunker as seen from Stonehearth Graveyard.
Type Bunker
Faction Alliance Stormpike Guard
NPC Horde IconSmall Orc Female.gif Wing Commander Guse

Icewing Bunker is the alliance’s 2nd most southern bunker in Alterac Valley. It is found just north of Stonehearth Outpost, northwest of Stonehearth Graveyard with the entrance to the bunker on the north side, facing a cliff. It is an important bunker as it stands on top of the hill guarding the Icewing Chokepoint, the first chokepoint in alliance territory which the horde must pass.

Like Stonehearth Bunker, it is protected by 4 Stormpike Bowmen. There are no archers on the ground floor, all are located at the top of the bunker. The archers can often be taken out from outside the bunker by ranged horde players (hunters, priests, warlocks) - something not always possible for the horde towers due to the fact that horde towers are taller with the archers located at the top. It takes 4 minutes to fully capture and destroy the bunker. The archers will respawn after a length of time, if the bunker remains under alliance control.

It is not uncommon for a few horde players to capture the bunker whist the rest of the horde players assault Stonehearth Outpost and Stonehearth Bunker - the latter clearly visible from the bunker, just at the bottom of the hill a short distance away. However, horde players attempting to capture Icewing Bunker must be aware that Stonehearth Graveyard is found just southeast of the bunker, also in a visible range – making the defence of Icewing Bunker relatively easy when the graveyard is under alliance control unless a fairly strong horde force is able to stall and hold them off. Because of this, any horde players that are attempting to capture bunkers solo should avoid this bunker and instead, travel further north towards Dun Baldar. However, once Stonehearth Graveyard is taken by the horde, the defenses can be easily overcome.

Horde Wing Commander Guse

Icewing Bunker holds the captured horde Wing Commander Guse. When a horde player talks to Guse, they can rescue and send her back to Frostwolf Village. If she safely arrives back to Frostwolf Village horde players will be able to turn in  [Stormpike Soldier's Flesh] (150 in total) to enable an aerial assault. Guse will attack Stormpike Graveyard with enough  [Stormpike Soldier's Flesh] turned in, and her War Rider scout beacon is placed in the east Field of Strife crater.

Horde Horde Quest: H [??P] Call of Air - Guse's Fleet

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