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Warcraft III Reforged - Humans Icon

The Icon of Courage in Warcraft III: Reforged.

The Icon of Courage is the racial icon of the humans, and symbolizes the courage and tenacity of humanity. The crest features a shield emblazoned with the symbol of the fallen Kingdom of Lordaeron over a pair of crossed swords and a warhammer accented with a golden lion's head, representing courage and the Kingdom of Stormwind.


  • An alternate version of this crest featuring a Stormwind lion's head instead of the Lordaeron "L" appears on the in-game map for Stormwind City. The lion head is taken from the Crest of the Alliance graphic. In all other cases, playable humans are represented by the standard Icon of Courage with Lordaeron's symbol, despite the fact that playable humans are Stormwindians and not Lordaeronians.
  • The Inv shield 58 [Royal Crest of Lordaeron] may be a replacement for the Lordaeron version, or a variant for the royal family.


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