Icon of Pandaria.

The Icon of Pandaria, also known as the Pandaren Crest, is the racial symbol of the pandaren, and the class icon of the monk class, whose teachings originated from ancient Pandaria.

It consists of a small black-green metal plate with a paw print and spiral-symbol in the center over a wooden shield. The shield is decorated with symbols of the August Celestials in their respective cardinal directions (Xuen-North/upward, Yu'lon-East/right, Chi-Ji-South/downward, and Niuzao-West/left). Two bo-staves are crossed on the shield. One holds a tea kettle and an ale gourd, showing the laid-back and carefree aspect of Pandaren culture. The other staff has several ropes and guardian sutras attached, showing the stronger side of the Pandaren such as the Shado-Pan. Overall the icon symbolizes balance, a core ideal of the Pandaren people.


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