Icon of Pandaria

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Icon of Pandaria.

The Icon of Pandaria, also known as the Pandaren Crest, is the racial symbol of the Pandaren. It consists of a small black-green metal plate with a paw print and spiral-symbol in the center over a wooden shield. The shield is decorated with symbols of the August Celestials in their respective cardinal directions (Xuen-North/upward, Yu'lon-East/right, Chi-Ji-South/downward, and Niuzao-West/left). Two bo-staves are crossed on the shield. One holds a tea kettle and an ale gourd, showing the laid-back and carefree aspect of Pandaren culture. The other staff has several ropes and guardian sutras attached, showing the stronger side of the Pandaren such as the Shado-Pan. Overall the icon symbolizes balance, a core ideal of the Pandaren people.


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