Icon of the Lich King.

The Icon of the Lich King is the sigil of the Scourge.

Its azure coloration and icy ornamentation symbolize the frigid homeland of the undead horde in Northrend. At the icon's center is the now-shattered runeblade Frostmourne, the former blade of the Lich King Arthas Menethil. The frost-covered hammers flanking the blade represent the Scourge's endless capacity for warfare, as well as their construction of the saronite citadel Icecrown and the dread Necropoli that shepherded the endless armies of the dead and served as hubs of unspeakable torment upon the living.

Although the holder of the Helm of Domination has changed since the creation of the sigil, and the goals of the Scourge along with them, this sigil seems to have remained representative of the organization. The Cult of the Damned, an affiliate group consisting primarily of the living, retains both a unique icon and the twisted ambitions of the original Scourge.


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