AllianceIf Bones Could Talk
Start  [Rune-Etched Bone]
End Lucille Waycrest
Level 20-50
Category Drustvar
Experience 16,450
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [20-50] A Slight Detour


Collect a Pristine Rune-Etched Bone from Awakened Dead in Alpine Rise.


<These skeletons appear to be rising out of the ancient ruins that dot the land here. Their bones are covered with what looks like runes, but time has worn away all but fragments of the markings.

If you could find some of these runes intact, Lucille might be able to decipher them to find out where these skeletons come from...

...and why they are no longer at rest.>


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 16,450 XP


What's this?


These markings... this is the language of the Drust!

The magic of the coven must be disturbing their spirits, drawing them back into our world to fight us once more!

This is unsettling... but it is another reason we must bring an end to the Heartsbane!


While on Alpine Rise for A [20-50] Yeti to Rumble and A [20-50] Salvage Rights, defeat any Awakened Dead to have a  [Rune-Etched Bone] drop, which starts this quest.


  1. A [20-50] And Justice For All
  2. A [20-50] A Slight Detour
  3. A [20-50] Yeti to Rumble & A [20-50] Salvage Rights
    • Side quest: A [20-50] If Bones Could Talk
  4. A [20-50] Diversionary Tactics
  5. A [20-50] Unlocking History
  6. A [20-50] The Ruins of Gol Var
  7. A [20-50] The Order of Embers

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