If These Stones Could Speak

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HordeIf These Stones Could Speak
Start Lorewalker Cho
End Lorewalker Cho
Level 86 (Requires 85)
Category Jade Forest
Experience 110,000
Rewards 9g 80s
Previous H [86] A Mile in My Shoes
Next H [86] Peering Into the Past


Use the Stone Monoliths at the Circle of Bone.

  • First Stone Monolith Translated
  • Second Stone Monolith Translated
  • Third Stone Monolith Translated


This is a very ancient place, traveler.

Only recently have I pieced together a method of translating the forgotten language carved into these stones.

Oh, the thrill of discovery! This never gets old, I assure you.

Here, you are the guest. You do the honors. I insist.

Use this key to unlock the secrets the stones contain.


You will receive: 9g 80s


Your assistance is most appreciated, traveler.


That is enough translating for one day, I think.

This experience has been an enlightening one, I hope.


First stone monolith:

Lorewalker Cho says: This stone tells of a great hozen warlord who lived here twenty-five hundred years ago. What are your leaders like? Poets? Warriors? I should like to meet them someday.

Second stone monolith:

Lorewalker Cho says: Prepare yourself! Saurok attack!
Bloodthirsty Saurok says: Die, softskin!
A saurok appears, which should be easy to kill.
Lorewalker Cho says: The saurok have plagued this land since the time of the mogu. They are impossible to negotiate with. But we never stop trying! We fight them only as a last resort.

Third stone monolith:

Lorewalker Cho says: Thank you for your help - these notes are important to my studies. Your people value knowledge too, yes? I assume so, only because you arrived on a great airship.


  1. H [86] The Art of War or H [10] Warchief's Command: Jade Forest! or H [10] Mists of Pandaria: To Pandaria!
  2. H [86] All Aboard!
  3. H [86] Into the Mists
  4. H [86] Paint it Red!
  5. H [86] Touching Ground
  6. Complete both of:
  7. H [86] The Final Blow!
  8. Complete all of:
  9. H [86] Seeking Zin'jun
  10. H [86] Cryin' My Eyes Out
  11. H [86] Seein' Red
  12. Complete all of of:
  13. H [86] The Darkness Within
  14. H [86] Nazgrim's Command
  15. Complete both of:
    • Shademaster Kiryn's quests
    1. H [86] Forensic Science
    2. H [86] Acid Rain
    • Rivett Clutchpop's quests
    1. H [86] Missed Me By... That Much!
    2. H [86] They're So Thorny!
  16. H [86] Lay of the Land
  17. H [86] Stay a While, and Listen
  18. H [86] A Mile in My Shoes
  19. H [86] If These Stones Could Speak
  20. H [86] Peering Into the Past
  21. H [86] Family Tree
  22. H [86] Swallowed Whole
  23. H [86] Orders are Orders
  24. H [86] Instant Messaging
  25. H [86] Beyond the Horizon
  26. H [86] Furious Fowl
  27. H [86] Boom Bait
  28. H [86] The Scouts Return
  29. H [86] Scouting Report: Hostile Natives
  30. H [86] Scouting Report: On the Right Track
  31. H [86] Scouting Report: The Friend of My Enemy
  32. H [86] Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel
  33. H [86] Guerrillas in our Midst
  34. H [86] Burning Down the House
  35. H [86] Dawn's Blossom

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