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NeutralIgnaeus Trollbane
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Title Lord
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) House of Trollbane, Alteraci tribe, Arathor
Occupation Leader of the Alteraci, General of Arathor
Location Unknown
Status Deceased[1]
Relative(s) Liam, Thoras, Galen, Danath (descendants)
Companion(s) Thoradin and Lordain ("brothers")[2]

Ignaeus Trollbane, sometimes styled as Lord Ignaeus of Strom,[3] was the leader of the Alteraci human tribe[4] and a prominent general of the Arathorian Empire during the Troll Wars. He wielded the blade Trol'kalar, meaning "troll slayer" in the ancient human tongue.[3]


Ignaeus and his people originally dwelled among the slopes of the Alterac Mountains.[5] Arathor's founders, King Thoradin and the Arathi tribe, struggled for weeks to conquer the Alteraci. Thoradin was confident he could eventually conquer the tribe, but decided to change his tactics to prevent needless bloodshed and marched up the mountain with only his greatsword Strom'kar in hand to challenge Ignaeus to a duel. Before long, Ignaeus emerged from the forest, his skin dyed red with his own tribal markings and his blade sharpened and hungry for death. He dwarfed Thoradin in size and strength, but the Arathi leader had intentionally chosen the duel on a day when the mountains were enveloped in thick fog. Thoradin used the weather to his advantage to avoid Ignaeus' swings and disarm his foe. Rather than killing his opponent, Thoradin then plunged Strom'kar into the earth and extended the hand of peace, thereby winning the Alteraci to his side.[4]

After Thoradin united the human tribes into the nation of Arathor and founded the capital of Strom, Amani trolls began encroaching on Arathor's borders. Thoradin sent two of his most prominent generals—Ignaeus and Lordain—to to gather intelligence on their foe and prevent the trolls from straying too deep into the empire. Ignaeus and his northlanders stalked well beyond Arathor's borders, slaughtering any trolls they came across. Ignaeus earned the name "Trollbane" for the amount of Amani blood he spilled.[5] During the Troll Wars, Ignaeus and Lordain acted as the vanguards of Arathor's armies,[6] and the Alteraci leader became famous for riding into battle with Trol'kalar in hand.[3]

After the departure of Thoradin's ruling descendants one thousand years or so after Strom's founding, Ignaeus' descendants—the Trollbane family—ascended to the throne by rebuilding Strom's crumbling infrastructure and renamed it Stromgarde.[7]


  • An unused NPC representing Ignaeus[8] is situated in the same ID range as other legendary warriors presumably meant to appear in Skyhold. He and most of these NPCs didn't make it out of the Legion alpha stage.



Preceded by:
Position created
Lord of House Trollbane
Succeeded by:
Unknown, eventually Liam Trollbane