Ignore is a function used by players to prevent seeing chat messages (including emotes) from another player. You can use the Ignore Player button in the Socials window to add a player character to your ignore list, or use the slash command /ignore <name>.

Chat messages from ignored characters will not be displayed. This includes /say and /yell messages, as well as those in channels such as /trade, /guild and /party. Whispers from ignored characters also will not be displayed, and the ignored player will receive a message informing them that you are ignoring them. Ignored characters cannot ask to duel you, or send you mail[1]. Characters on your ignore list also cannot be matched with you with the Dungeon Finder system.

Characters can be removed from the ignore list as easily as they are added, through the ignore list or using the slash command /unignore <name>.

Note that only individual characters can be placed on the ignore list; it will not affect interaction with any other characters owned by that player.

The ignore function is generally used when being harassed, or just annoyed by someone. Placing the problematic character on your ignore list is often the first recommendation from official sources for dealing with griefers.

The ignore list can only store 50 names maximum. This can be expanded via AddOns (like IgnoreMore), but new ignores may not have the same functionality.

Slash command usage

To ignore a player character:

/ignore name
/ignore name realm

To unignore a player character:

/unignore name
/unignore name realm


  • Circumventing an ignore by means of creating alts to contact someone via whispers is considered harassment, and is punishable by GMs if this action is brought to their attention via an in-game petition.

Patch changes

Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.3.0 (2009-12-08): The amount of characters a person can ignore has been increased to 50. In addition, players on other realms can be placed on the Ignore list.

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