NeutralIgrul the Scalebane
Image of Igrul the Scalebane
Gender Male
Race Drogbar (Humanoid)
Level 10-45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bitestone tribe[1]
Location Neltharion's Vault, Highmountain (visions)
Status Deceased

Igrul, as he appears during H [45] Walking in Their Footsteps.

Igrul the Scalebane was a drogbar who assisted Huln Highmountain in banishing Deathwing from the Broken Isles by informing him about the whereabouts of the  [Hammer of Khaz'goroth][2] and later by leading his fellow drogbar against the Earth Warder alongside Huln and his tauren.[3]

After the battle, Huln came across a batch of black dragon eggs. Igrul argued that they were corrupted and should be destroyed, but Huln instead used the Hammer of Khaz'goroth to purify one of them as Igrul defended him from the vault's guardians. The egg then hatched into a small, black whelp, which Huln named Ebonhorn.[4]


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