Ihgaluk Crag (Alliance)

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AllianceIhgaluk Crag

Modera's position outside Ihgaluk
Start Captain Elleane Wavecrest [34.5, 89.5] / [62.7, 73.6]
End Archmage Modera [42.4, 75.0] / [55.7, 74.4]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Type Daily
Category Isle of Thunder
Experience 59000
Rewards 4g 96s
Repeatable Yes


Modera's other position outside Ihgaluk Crag

Find Archmage Modera outside of Ihgaluk Crag.


Archmage Modera has taken over at Ihgaluk Crag, to the southeast, continuing her efforts to turn the saurok against the Zandalari and the mogu.

Go to her, and help in any way that you can.


You will receive: 4g 96s


You have good timing. I am quite in need of your assistance.


  • 59000 XP


Before capturing Violet Rise, Modera's party can be found between Ihgaluk Crag and Za'Tual, north of the bone-filled area dominated by Zur'chaka the Bonecrafter and the Eternal Spirit of Tharon'ja. After claiming the Rise, her party is situated immediately outside of the crag at its southeastern entrance, yards away from the Violet Rise territory.


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