For the Ny'alotha, the Waking City encounter, see Il'gynoth, Corruption Reborn.
Image of Il'gynoth
Title <The Heart of Corruption>
Race Unknown (Aberration)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Un'Goro Crater, Emerald Nightmare
Status Killable

Il'gynoth, the Heart of Corruption is the second boss of the Emerald Nightmare, fought within a twisted nightmare version of Un'Goro Crater.

Il'gynoth is a tiny growth of the behemoth N'Zoth.[1]


Adventure Guide

Lodged in the hollows of a now-decrepit world tree, Il'gynoth is a manifestation of the horrors that lie at the heart of the Nightmare. It is a mass of corruption - a thing that should not be. Its tendrils seep through the ground, emerging in countless horrifying eyestalks and limbs.


Players begin the encounter fighting against Il'gynoth's erupting eyestalks and tentacles, while the monstrous Eye bars the way to the heart of the tree. Defeating these tentacles spawns animated Nightmare Ichor globules, which players can destroy near the Eye to damage it. Once the Eye is defeated, players can enter the hollow to damage Il'gynoth directly for a time, after which the Eye reforms to seal the entrance to the hollow once more, killing any players who remain inside. This repeats until players defeat Il'gynoth.

Dps icon.png Damage Dealers

  • Move away from the raid when affected by Spew Corruption.
  • Interrupt Deathglare Tentacles' Mind Flay.
  • Lure Nightmare Ichors that are fixated on you to the Eye of Il'gynoth when they are low on health, and wait to kill them until they are in range of the Eye.
  • Avoid players targeted by Ground Slam, and move away from other players when targeted by it.

Healer icon.png Healers

  • Dominator Tentacles' Nightmarish Fury and Nightmare Horrors' Eye of Fate deal heavy damage to Tanks.
  • Dispel Touch of Corruption.
  • Lure Nightmare Ichors that are fixated on you to the Eye of Il'gynoth when they are low on health.
  • Move away from the raid when affected by Spew Corruption.

Tank icon.png Tanks

  • Dominator Tentacles' Nightmarish Fury and Nightmare Horrors' Eye of Fate deal heavy damage.
  • Nightmare Horrors create pools of Nightmare Corruption - move them to minimize the damage dealt.
  • Avoid players targeted by Ground Slam.


Stage One: The Ruined Ground

Eye of Il'gynoth

Players engage creatures of nightmare while the Eye of Il'gynoth watches over them, directing the forces of corruption.

  • Spell deathknight bloodboil.png  Nightmare Corruption — The forces of nightmare cover the ground with Nightmare Corruption, which inflicts 650000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. to any players standing in it, as well as pacifying and silencing them.
  • Spell druid massentanglement nightmare.png  Death Blossom Deadly Important — Creates a Death Blossom at a location. After 15 sec sec., it will detonate, inflicting 601250 to 698750 Shadow damage to any players standing on the blossom, and increasing their movement speed by 50% for 6 sec. If no player is affected by the Death Blossom's detonation, it will explode over a large area, infecting all players with Dispersed Spores.
    • Sha ability rogue sturdyrecuperate nightmare.png  Dispersed Spores — Inflicts 416250 to 483750 Shadow damage to all players, and deals an additional 125000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 50 sec.
  • The Eye of Il'gynoth
    • Spell shadow mindrot.png  Stuff of Nightmares — The Eye of Il'gynoth takes 99% reduced damage from all sources, excluding Nightmare Explosions, which deal full damage to it.
    • Sha ability mage firestarter nightmare.png  Nightmare Gaze — Fixes a dark gaze on the target, inflicting 416250 to 483750 Shadow damage to them.
  • Nightmare Ichor
    • Ability fixated state red.png  Fixate — Fixates on a target, attacking them to the exclusion of other targets.
    • Spell deathknight bloodplague.png  Touch of Corruption Magic Effect — Nightmare Ichor's melee attacks leave behind lingering corruption in the target, inflicting 85000 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 40 sec. This effect stacks.
    • Ability ironmaidens whirlofblood.png  Nightmare Explosion — When Nightmare Ichor are killed, they burst in an explosion of nightmare energy, inflicting 0 Shadow damage to nearby players. This explosion will also damage the Eye of Il'gynoth, bypassing all damage reduction and inflicting 5% of the Eye's health as Shadow damage. On Mythic Difficulty, all players in the encounter also suffer 185000 to 215000 Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 4 sec. This effect stacks.
  • The Forces of Corruption — When killed, the forces of corruption will spawn Nightmare Ichor.
    • Nightmare Horror Tank Alert
      • Sha inv elemental primal shadow nightmare.png  Eye of Fate Tank Alert — Inflicts 2200000 Shadow damage in a line in front of the Nightmare Horror, and increases damage taken from Eye of Fate by 50% for 29 sec. This effect stacks. On Raid Finder difficulty, Eye of Fate only affects the Nightmare Horror's current target.
      • Inv misc volatileshadow.png  Seeping Corruption — While Nightmare Horrors are alive, they periodically create pools of Nightmare Corruption underneath them.
    • Deathglare Tentacle
      • Spell shadow mindflay.png  Mind Flay Interruptible — Assault the target's mind with Shadow energy, inflicting 330000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 8 sec.
    • Corruptor Tentacle
      • Spell shadow soulleech.png  Spew Corruption — Corruptor Tentacles spew corruption onto nearby players, inflicting 235000 Shadow damage and causing them to create a pool of Nightmare Corruption every 2 sec. for 10 sec.
    • Dominator Tentacle Tank Alert
      • Achievement boss yoggsaron 01.png  Ground Slam — Slams the ground in the direction of a targeted player, inflicting 323750 to 376250 Physical damage to all players in a line and knocking them back.
      • Inv knife 1h 430oldgod c 02.png  Nightmarish Fury Tank Alert — A relentless flurry of attacks on the tentacle's primary target every 0.8 sec. for 6 sec, each inflicting 1202500 to 1397500 Physical damage. On Heroic difficulty and above, each time the Dominator Tentacle attacks a player with Nightmarish Fury, they will also permanently increase their Physical damage inflicted by 4%. This effect stacks.
      • Spell shaman earthquake.png  Rupturing Roar Tank Alert — Roars loudly when not being melee attacked, inflicting 231250 to 268750 Physical damage to all players.

Stage Two: The Heart of Corruption

When the Eye of Il'gynoth is destroyed, the chamber holding Il'gynoth's beating heart is revealed.

  • The Heart of Il'gynoth
    • Sha ability rogue envelopingshadows nightmare.png  Dark Reconstitution Deadly Important — Il'gynoth gathers psychic energy, unleashing it to reseal his lair, killing all players who remain inside, and regrowing the Eye of Il'gynoth.
    • Spell deathknight bloodtap.png  Cursed Blood — Infects players' blood with nightmare energy, inflicting 175000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 8 sec. When this effect ends, the player will detonate, inflicting 740000 to 860000 Shadow damage to players within 11 yards.
    • Ability deathwing bloodcorruption earth.png  Reabsorption — If Nightmare Ichor enters the chamber with Il'gynoth's heart, it will be reabsorbed in a burst of nightmare corruption, inflicting 555000 to 645000 Shadow damage to all players.
    • Spell shadow bloodboil.png  Violent Bloodburst — Cursed blood pools around the Heart of Il'gynoth, creating growing pools of Shadow Corruption.
    • Sha ability rogue envelopingshadows nightmare.png  Final Torpor Deadly Important — After growing tired of battle, Il'gynoth will gather the energies of the Nightmare to burn out the minds of any living thing in the area, instantly killing it.
  • Shriveled Eyestalk
    • Spell shadow mindflay.png  Mind Flay — Assault the target's mind with Shadow energy, inflicting 330000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 8 sec.


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Item Type
 [Cube of Malice] (LFR · H · M) Frost Artifact Relic
 [Gore-Drenched Fetish] (LFR · H · M) Blood Artifact Relic
 [Radiating Metallic Shard] (LFR · H · M) Holy Artifact Relic
 [Sloshing Core of Hatred] (LFR · H · M) Fire Artifact Relic
 [Celestially Aligned Hood] (LFR · H · M) Cloth helmet
 [Claw of N'Zoth] Artifact appearance
 [Otherworldy Leather Mantle] (LFR · H · M) Leather shoulders
 [Pauldrons of Shifting Runes] (LFR · H · M) Plate shoulders
 [Cinch of Cosmic Insignficance] (LFR · H · M) Cloth bracers
 [Dreamsculptor's Gloves] (LFR · H · M) Leather gloves
 [Gauntlets of Malevolent Intent] (LFR · H · M) Mail gloves
 [Waistplate of Nameless Horror] (LFR · H · M) Plate belt
 [Singular Chain Leggings] (LFR · H · M) Mail leggings
 [Dreadful Cyclopean Signet] (LFR · H · M) Ring
 [Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor] (LFR · H · M) Tank trinket
 [Spontaneous Appendages] (LFR · H · M) Melee DPS trinket
 [Wriggling Sinew] (LFR · H · M) Caster DPS trinket

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Entering Un'Goro
Malfurion Stormrage yells: What horror is this? A tumor of Nightmare infecting a world tree, here in the reflection of the Titans' own playground?
Malfurion Stormrage yells: If this seed takes hold, the roots of its infestation will wind their way into the heart of Azeroth. The Nightmare would devour our world, claiming everything... everyone. This must not come to pass!
A presence... Something new, yet... Familiar. Yes...
Your coming was foretold in the rings. The long circle is nearly complete.
Come, little ones. Savor your fear as we feast upon it!
  • Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator.
  • To find him, drown yourself in the circle of stars.
  • The king of diamonds has been made a pawn.
  • The lord of ravens will turn the key.
  • The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies will he offer you.
  • Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it.
  • Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path.
  • At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming.
  • From the earth, he draws strength. Our earth. Our strength.
  • Its surface blazes bright, masking shadows below.
At last, the feeding hour.
Player low health
  • Welcome death. Do not fight it.
  • Release your grip on hope.
  • Oblivion offers solace. Take the gift! Take it!
Player death
  • Your light sputters out...
  • You have failed those who needed you.
  • The pain of flesh is fleeting. True torment lasts forever.
Attacking Heart
Aaarg! Every blow struck at our heart will be repaid a thousand-fold!
Completing Dark Reconstitution
Out! Out! You are not yet worthy!
Heart low health
Still you fight? Still you refuse the gift?
N'Zoth... I journey... to Ny'alotha...
Malfurion Stormrage yells: No doubt Xavius and his ancient master delight that so much of our attention goes into fighting the Legion. Their insidious shadow seeps into our world, distracting us with whispers and doubts.
Malfurion Stormrage yells: I Pray that purging the Nightmare's corruption buys us enough time to defeat the Legion and catch our breath before the black armies rise up from the depths.
Unused quote
What pointless impudence, we share a master!


Patch changes

  • Legion Hotfix (2016-10-19): Rogues will no longer end up inside Il'gynoth's core when attacking it with Shadowstrike or Killing Spree.
  • Legion Hotfix (2016-10-12): On Mythic difficulty, the Corruptor Tentacle that previously spawned at 225 seconds into the fight now spawns at 235 seconds, and the Deathglare Tentacle that previously spawned at 240 seconds into the fight now spawns at 250 seconds.
  • Legion Hotfix (2016-09-23): Warlocks will now be able to target their Soul Effigies when fighting Il'gynoth inside the heart chamber.
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added.

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