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Illidari Enforcer

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NeutralIllidari Enforcer
Image of Illidari Enforcer
Title <Illidari>
Gender Both
Race(s) Night elf, Blood elf
Level 10-45
Class Demon hunter
Resource Energy
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Illidari, Armies of Legionfall
Location Various

Illidari Enforcers are demon hunters. They briefly appear during the funeral ceremony of Vol'jin by accompanying Allari the Souleater and then guard the Illidari camps in Stormwind City and Orgrimmar, as well as Vengeance Point on the Broken Shore.

They are also found on the Vindicaar.



To a demon hunter player wielding the artifacts at the Illidari Stand
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  • Show them no mercy.
  • Do you feel their presence growing?
  • Our presence will remain.
  • Our battle has only just begun.
  • The Burning Legion will fall!


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