Illidari Stand.

Illidari Stand is the main Illidari outpost leading into the Faronaar Front in Azsuna.[44, 43]


Has flightpath

Demon Hunter says: Wait a moment, <name>. Is that the ancient bow of the Windrunners? My father fought alongside Alleria in the second war. I never thought we'd see that weapon again...
  • One specific Illidari Enforcer (npcid=91629) will react to certain artifacts.
Demon Hunter wielding Twinblades of the Deceiver
Illidari Enforcer says: <Name>! I see you've reclaimed the blades of Varedis Felsoul. Let us hope you have better control over the demon within you.
Demon Hunter wielding Aldrachi Warblades
Illidari Enforcer says: Jace Darkweaver spoke the truth. You carry the Aldrachi Warblades, <name>! With you at the head of our order, the Illidari will be unstoppable.
Mage with  [Felo'melorn]
Illidari Enforcer says: <Name>, I see you have inherited Felo'melorn. Let us hope it serves you better than it did Prince Kael'thas.

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