Image of Mr. Bigglesworth

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NeutralImage of Mr. Bigglesworth
Image of Image of Mr. Bigglesworth
Gender Male
Race Projection (Critter)
Level 15-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Wintergarde Keep, Dragonblight

The Image of Mr. Bigglesworth is an image of Mr. Bigglesworth on display for the people attending Commander Eligor Dawnbringer's lecture on the bosses of Naxxramas in the keep proper of Wintergarde Keep in Dragonblight.


Commander Eligor Dawnbringer says: The last living creature in Naxxramas, this cat is said to be the last thread connecting Kel'Thuzad to his mortal life. It is said that any who dare to harm a hair on his head doom themselves to... wait a second, what is he doing on there?
Commander Eligor Dawnbringer pounds on the display a few times.
Commander Eligor Dawnbringer says: Well, nevermind. I'm sure no one would be foolish enough to lay a hand on Kel'Thuzad's precious pet.

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