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Immunity is an avoidance mechanic available to both players and NPCs. It can be triggered by both items and spells, and it is also sometimes native.

When immune to a spell or ability, a player will not be affected by neither its damage nor any secondary effect triggered by it. Temporary immunity also clears out all debuffs of the affected schools.

Abilities such as [Divine Shield] and [Ice Block] grant temporary total immunity in nearly all cases, and purges them of most debuffs including snares, roots and stuns, although exceptionally potent abilities such as [Mass Dispel] can still remove the effect.

Since patch 1.6, Immunity can also affect mechanics by themselves, such as root, snare, etc. A mob immune to snares will show up "Immune" when hit by a [Concussive Shot], but not when hit by a [Frostbolt]; the mob will not be snared by the Frostbolt but will still take damage normally.

[Banish] and [Cyclone] also grant the target total immunity, but don't clear debuffs on the affected NPC/Player.

If a player becomes immune to all abilities, a mob can perform it will switch to the next highest target on aggro (unless there are no other targets on its aggro table).

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