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An imp

The Imp is the first demonic minion available to the warlock, summoned through the [Summon Imp] ability, and available at the beginning of the game.

Of the five regular warlock pets, the Imp has the least health, but it makes up for this with a range of defensive and utility abilities.


The imp possesses one offensive ability and three defensive abilities. Its only mode of attack is [Firebolt], a ranged fire spell.

Spell Min Level Description
[Avoidance] Passive Reduces the damage your summoned demon takes from area of effect attacks by 80%.
[Firebolt] 1 Deals X fire damage to a target.
[Flee] 17 Escapes to the Master. Flee removes all stun and bonds.
[Singe Magic] 27 Burns harmful magic off the target, removing 1 harmful spell from a friend.

(This is the ability used when  [Command Demon] is cast.)


All warlocks start out with an imp.

Originally, a quest chain was required to obtain the demon. After Patch 3.3.0, [Summon Imp] became a trainable spell, purchasable at level 1 and requiring no quest chain. As of Patch 4.0.1, Warlocks now start out with an Imp minion.

Imp tips

Imp art by Samwise.

A common mistake some warlocks make is to tell their Imp to attack when Firebolt isn't set to auto-cast. Since Firebolt is the Imp's only attack form, this gives it nothing to do; right-click on the Firebolt button to fix it. An Imp will also not attack if it is out of energy; it will also refuse to attack mobs that are immune to fire.

Singe Magic works just like a Priest's [Dispel Magic] in terms of what it can remove from friendly targets, with the added bonus that it can be cast while the Warlock is feared, silenced, stunned, or otherwise unable to act. This makes it possible for the Warlock to remove fears, slows, sheeps, silences, and magical stuns and roots (such as a Paladin's [Hammer of Justice] or a Mage's [Frost Nova]) without popping a PvP trinket, as long as the Imp itself is not incapacitated or out of range. For this reason, in PvP situations it's a good idea to remove Singe Magic from auto-cast and instead use a macro to cast it on yourself when necessary. Plus, being able to strip off Shadow Priest's (or other Warlock's!) DoTs is a great help at mitigating incoming damage. In Useful macros for warlocks you will find a great macro that will cast it on your enemy on a left-click, or on yourself with a right-click


  • Highest short term DPS of the four basic pets.
  • Highest short term DPS of all summonable pets with proper talents.
  • The basic minion most capable of fighting at range.
  • Able to remove debuffs off friendly targets.
  • Able to remove stuns off self.


  • Burns through his energy pool very quickly when allowed to use [Firebolt].
  • Zero DPS once his energy pool is empty (although extremely unlikely to occur).
  • Low hit points — relatively easy to kill, although warlock gear can mitigate this to some extent.
  • Fire damage only — zero DPS against fire immune targets.


  • Imps have an idle animation of capering about, sometimes performing a front flip as well. They never seem to stand totally still and often fidget.
  • The Imp is notable for being the only warlock minion with almost entirely comical quotes. These quotes may represent a genuine depiction of Imps' personalities, or perhaps more likely a less canonical interpretation similar to characters' joke emotes.
  • While swimming the Imp performs the doggy paddle.
  • When an imp-type enemy holding a weapon dies (for example: Vile Familiar), you can see his thumb twitch.
  • Commonly known as "Pinky" when the demon name is too long/boring/hard to pronounce.


As with the other warlock pets, the Imp talks. When asked to attack, it will sometimes complain about it in Common or Orcish. At other times, it says something indecipherable in Demonic.

  • Voice overs when summoned:
*demonic cackle*
  • Voice overs when ordered to attack:
"Is this REALLY necessary?!"
"This was NOT in my contract!"
"Can't we all just get along?"
"Ohhhh sure, send the little guy!"
  • Voice overs when ordered to cast a spell:
"What's in it for me?"
"Do I have to?!"
"Ahh! Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay!"
"Yeah, I'll get right on it."
  • Voice overs when dismissed:
"You know, we've had a lot of fun together, it's been really special, but I think it's time I should start seeing other warlocks. Just a little on the side. No no no it's not you, it's not you, it's me. I just need my space, it's nobody's fault."
"Don't call on me, I'll call on you."
"Argh! I feel so used!"
"Goodbye. Thanks."
"*indistinct grumbling*...I wish...*indistinct grumbling*...wish you were DEAD."
  • Before the patch[which patch?]  that gave the Imp voiced lines, it would instead say phrases in the chat:
"What? You mean you can't kill this one by yourself?"
Make yourself useful and help me out on this one!
"Release me already, I've had enough!"
"Alright, I'm on it! Stop yelling!"
"No shi rakir no tiros kamil re lok ante refir shi rakir"
"Maz ruk X rikk xi laz enkil parn zila zilthuras karkun thorje kar x zennshi"

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