• Imp in a Ball
  • Binds when picked up
  • Toy
  • Use: Adds this toy to your Toy Box.

    Ask a question, then right click to receive your answer! (30 Sec Cooldown)
Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.

An Imp in a Ball (the thing over his left eye is his hand).

Imp in a Ball is an item that allows you to summon an "Imp in a Ball" which will whisper you a fortune, similar to a magic 8-ball. It is a reward from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game loot card 'Fortune Telling'.

It can be found listed in the Black Market Auction House at random by Landro Longshot, for the opening bid of 15,000g.

For Burning Crusade Classic, it was available as a quest reward from N [70] Imp in a Ball for those who purchased the 6-Month Subscription Bundle from 18 May 2021 to 25 January 2022.


  • Summons an untargettable "Imp in a Ball" directly in front of the caster. It makes the same imp noise that you hear when a warlock summons an Imp. The imp shakes up and down for a few seconds, and then whispers you a fortune. It is basically an in-game magic 8 ball.
  • Casting time is instant. The cooldown is 30 seconds. The Imp lasts for a slightly shorter duration and then fades away.
  • The number of different fortunes seems to be very large.
  • If you are in a party or raid, the Imp will speak in your party instead of whispering you.
  • An imp in a ball is seen hovering above a pool in the Serenity Falls in the Jade Forest on Pandaria.

Artwork by Raneman.


  • "Hey! You try arranging furniture with some jerk shaking your house!"
  • "Yes, now stop pestering me!"
  • "I see that happening sometime between tomorrow and the next decade. Definitely."
  • "Be quiet 'bout what you hear and see around here, <race>."
  • "I would bet your soul on it."
  • "Indeeeeed!"
  • "The outlook is very bad - for YOU that is! Haha, take it!"
  • "I'm gonna have to give this one the big N-O."
  • "I suppose."
  • "Sure, but you're not going to like it."
  • "That's about as likely as me getting out of this ball."
  • "When Blackrock freezes over!"
  • "I've consulted my fellow imps, and we think YES, except for that one imp."
  • "I can make that happen. Just sign below the dotted line..."
  • "Are you my pal, Danny?"
  • "Not unless you're some kind of super-person. And don't kid yourself, you're not."
  • "Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes already!"
  • "My sources say "no". Before the torture, that is."
  • "Yes, but if anyone asks... It wasn't me who told you."
  • "It's as sure as the warts on my backside!"
  • "Ask me again later - I'm trying to scratch my nose and it's hard to concentrate."
  • "Unfortunately... yes."
  • "The odds are 32.33 (repeating of course) chance of success."
  • "I ask myself that question every day..."
  • "Yes, but I hoped I would never have to answer that."
  • "Please insert 25 silver pieces and try again."
  • "What happens in the twisting nether, stays in the twisting nether."
  • "Yes, but not in the way you imagine."
  • "The answer is yes in here, and I don't see why it would be any different out there."
  • "Hahahaha, you're kidding right?"
  • "Yes, No, Maybe so."
  • "4 8 15 16 23 42"
  • "It won't matter, you'll be dead by tomorrow."
  • "Jump three times and dance for ten minutes and it will definitely happen!"
  • "The outlook is positive, but I'm still negative."
  • "Looks good for you...and bad for me."
  • "Three words - "ab - so - lutely"!"
  • "Concentrate (on releasing me from this infernal prison) and try again later."
  • "Yes is my answer..."
  • "It pain me to say this, but "Yes".
  • "You need Arcane Intellect, because that answer is obvious! NO!"
  • "You remember the time you tried to drill that hole in your head?"
  • "Please... Is Kil'jaeden red?
  • "Inconceivable!"
  • "Yes, it will rain. That's not what you asked? Too bad!"

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