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NeutralImperator Kelgrok
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Title Imperator
Gender Male
Race Ogre
Affiliation(s) Bladespire clan
Occupation Imperator of Bladespire Hold
Status Deceased

Imperator Kelgrok was the ruler of the Bladespire ogres of Bladespire Hold roughly 11 years before the opening of the Dark Portal. In an attempt to maintain the ogres' waning grip on Frostfire Ridge, he oversaw the creation of an army of half-ogre, half-orc halfbreeds known as the mok'nathal. He was eventually killed by one of his own creations, the mok'nathal elder Leoroxx, during the Battle of Bladespire.[1]


After battles with the Warsong clan and the rebellion of the Shattered Hand clan, the Gorian Empire was losing power on Draenor and their hold on Nagrand was broken forever. Imperator Kelgrok of the Bladespire clan was greatly troubled by these events and determined to keep his hold on Frostfire Ridge. He did not only mean to keep defenses up, but to expand. To make up for the ogres' low numbers, Bladespire sorcerers had conducted cruel experiments to create new creatures that could be used as labor, and the greatest result came from selective breeding between ogres and enslaved orcs. The children of these forced unions were called mok'nathal, possessing the strength of ogres and intelligence of orcs. The Bladespire kept the mok'nathal in chains and bred them together to create even more. To ensure their loyalty, the ogres threatened to kill entire families if even one of the members rebelled.

Imperator Kelgrok unshackled many of these mok'nathal and ordered them to make war on the orcs of Frostfire Ridge. The mok'nathal formed the bulk of the Bladespire army that rampaged across Frostfire, seizing many tracts of resource-rich land. Chieftain Garad of the Frostwolf clan called upon the Whiteclaw and Thunderlord clans that lived nearby to unite, but the Thunderlords - led by Garad's estranged son Fenris Wolfbrother - rejected the offer. Thunderlord orcs raided Bladespire settlements alone in the dead of night, slaughtering young and old alike. In the meantime, the united Frostwolf and Whiteclaw army fought the Bladespire and managed to capture a number of mok'nathal, including their elder Leoroxx.

Garad was surprised to learn that Leoroxx and the other mok'nathal were not willing servants but slaves. Garad and Leoroxx came to an agreement to help each other destroy the Bladespire clan forever. Leoroxx returned to Bladespire Hold and incited open rebellion among the mok'nathal. They rose up against their oppressors and set fire to the stronghold as the Frostwolves and Whiteclaws crashed into Bladespire's outer defenses. The Battle of Bladespire dragged on for a full bloody day before the orcs and mok'nathal drove the ogres out. In the heart of the fortress, Leoroxx strangled Imperator Kelgrok with the chains he had worn for so much of his life.[1]