Improved Sprint
Ability rogue sprint.png
  • Improved Sprint (2 ranks)
  • Combat, Tier 2
  • Gives a 50/100% chance to remove all movement-impairing effects when you activate your Sprint ability.
Class Rogue
Tree Combat
Points required 5
Affects [Sprint]

Improved Sprint is a 5 point rogue talent located in the 2nd tier of the Combat Tree that gives you a chance to remove movement impairing effects when activating [Sprint].


When combined with the Gnome racial skill [Escape Artist], can be used to reduce effectiveness of kiting.

This move can be used to remove roots, Frost nova and various other movement impairing effects makings this a suitable talent when spending time playing WSG where breaking snare effects will ultimately aid your team in running flags. example of this use are ;

when members have been isolated from the FC (flag carrier) and he is about to die. rogues can be very good at stealing flags when their team mates die.

This also help alot if you are in need to exit a fight with a Druid or Mage and vanish is down. combine this with Blind and cloak of shadow exiting combat is fairly easy against these casters.

Visa versa when people or FC are trying to escape the rogue this can be used time and time again to remove those nasty run speed and movement effect and keep them in combat

Another note this talent has little to no use against paladins.

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