Blizzard has included many in-jokes and pop-culture references in various forms throughout WoW.



So many quest titles are in-jokes or references of some form or another that they require their own sub-category!

The Absent Minded Prospector

Against All Odds

  • One of the chain quests that starts in Shadowmoon Valley involving the Black Temple is named after a movie with the same name, as well as the song.

Alien Predators

  • The quest in Bloodmyst Isle which requires players to kill ravagers is named after the comic series "Alien vs Predator".

At War With The Scarlet Crusade

The Big Bone Worm

N [15-30] The Big Bone Worm , this is another reference to Frank Herbert's Dune, as are the quest rewards which reference to characters from the book.

Part of the quest requires you to plant a  [Fumper], which is a reference to a Thumper used for calling Sandworms in the book. Also, the name of the bone worm that is summoned during this quest, Hai'shulud, is a reference to the sandworms from the book, whose Fremen name is Shai-hulud.

Bone Collector

  • The title of the quest which involves collecting kodo bones in Desolace is named after the movie "The Bone Collector", based on the book of the same name by Jeffrey Deaver.

Bring me a Shrubbery!/Bring me another Shrubbery!

  • These quests, picked up from Sporeggar in Zangarmarsh, are likely a reference to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and more specifically the demands of the Knights Who Say Ni.

N [53] Bungle in the Jungle

  • The title of the quest is based on a song of Jethro Tull called "Bungle at the Jungle".

Call of Air (multiple quests)

Chasing A-Me 01

  • Quest in Un'goro Crater to find the mechanical gorilla, reference to the Kevin Smith movie Chasing Amy. The mechanical ape's name and in fact the whole quest is also a reference to the gorilla 'Amy' who forms a bridge of communications between men and apes in the book Congo by Michael Crighton. This may also be a possible reference to an alleged speech bug which made the player name come out as A_newbie 01 or something pertaining to that.

Cruel's Intentions

  • A quest in Outland is a reference to the movie titled "Cruel Intentions".

Serena Bloodfeather (AKA Cure for Harpies)

  • One of the Quest rewards for killing Serena Bloodfeather in the Barrens is the  [Zhovur Axe]. Zovirax is a tradename treatment for the most common form of herpes, herpes simplex.
  • Additionally, the name itself puns off the sexually-transmitted disease, Herpes Simplex.
  • At the end of the quest, "Serena Bloodfeather", you get told "Thank you again for helping us suppress the Harpy epidemic." Suppression is the name given for herpes treatment.

Death From Above

  • This is an Alliance quest obtained from Sergeant Hammerhill in the Borean Tundra, who wants you to use a net to pull down and kill Scourged Flamespitters. This is named after a Battletech move where a battlemech jumps down on an enemy firing all of its weapons. It is a very dangerous move.

Deep Ocean, Vast Sea

  • An alliance quest in Darkshore, this is also the title of a Peter Murphy song.

Easy Strider Living

  • An alliance quest in Darkshore, the title seems to be a nod to Uriah Heep's 1970's hit Easy Livin'

Everything Counts in Large Amounts

  • A quest located in the Blasted Lands is a line of the chorus in the Depeche Mode song "Everything Counts".

The Family and the Fishing Pole

  • A quest located in Darkshore is a riff off of the Peter Gabriel song, "The Family and the Fishing Net". Gubber Blump, the NPC who you obtain the quest from, is a reference to the shrimp fishing business in the movie Forrest Gump (see also "Fruit of the Sea" below).

The Fel and the Furious

  • The title of one of the quests in Shadowmoon Valley is named after the movie, "The Fast and The Furious".

Fruit of the Sea

  • A clear reference to the movie Forrest Gump, where Gump's shrimp catching friend waxes similarly about all the ways that he loves shrimp.

Gnome Improvement

  • A quest in Gnomeregan has the name Gnome Improvement which might be a reference towards the popular mid-90's show called "Home Improvement" featuring Tim Allen and more.

Gordo's Task

  • In Tirisfal Glades Gordo asks you to bring Gloom Weed ("Master want weeds") to Junior Apothecary Holland. Probably a reference to marijuana, which is often connected to The Netherlands or Holland where usage of marijuana is not prosecuted.

Grand Theft Palomino

Houses of the Holy

I See Dead Draenei

  • Quest is a reference to the famous quote "I see dead people," from the movie "The Sixth Sense". "iseedeadpeople" was also a cheat code in Warcraft 3.

The Kessel Run

  • The Kessel Run is a route in Star Wars of smuggling Glitterstim spice between Kessel and Tatooine. Han Solo claims to have run this "in less than twelve parsecs". This would have required him to come dangerously close to a cluster of black holes. An NPC in Blood Watch, whether or not you complete this quest, refers to you as 'the one who made the Kessel Run in less than 15 minutes.'

Mark V is Alive!

  • A reference to Number Five in the movie Short Circuit. A constant phrase throughout the movie was: "Number 5 is alive!"

Once Were Warriors

  • A quest in Nagrand named after the novel with the same name made by Alan Duff.

Picking Up Some Power Converters

  • A quest in Toshley's Station in Blade's Edge. A reference to Star Wars: A New Hope, where Luke said to his uncle that he was going to go into Toshi Station to pick up power converters, which his uncle said he had to finish his chores in reply to. There is also an NPC droid outside the station that, when spoken to, introduces itself by saying it's fluent in over two forms of communication. This is obviously a reference to the droid C3PO from the Star Wars saga and that at most any one nonhuman or orc character knows only two languages.

Power Stones

Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling

  • A quest in the Azuremyst Isles taking its name from the first line of the Depeche Mode song "Precious".

Red Snapper - Very Tasty!

Returned Sevenfold

  • A quest in Sholazar Basin given by Avatar of Freya is a reference to the band Avenged Sevenfold who derived their name from the bible quote "vengeance seven times over" about Cain for slaying his brother.

Roll The Bones

  • A quest in Un'goro Crater to find dinosaur bones, which is referencing the Rush song "Roll The Bones" (the title track of their 1991 album.) Along with this, the World of Warcraft credits say "Happy 30th RUSH", as the game was released in 2004 and Rush's debut self-titled album was released in 1974.


  • A quest in Ratchet, referencing a Thundercats outtake reel where Panthro trips over his line and says "What the f--- is a samophlange?"

Saving Princess Stillpine

  • One of the quest in Bloodmyst Isle is most likely named after the movie "Saving Private Ryan".

The Scrimshank Redemption

  • Quest in Tanaris, reference to "The Shawshank Redemption".

The Shield of the Aesirites

  • The quest text for The Shield of the Aesirites, a quest in the Howling Fjord from NPC Captain Ellis, reads, in part, "Ye don't have to go home, but ye can't stay here..." in reference to the Oak Ridge Boys song 'You Don't Have to Go Home (But You Can't Stay Here)' or possibly the Semisonic song 'Closing Time' that includes the lyric, "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

To Legion Hold

  • Quest in Shadowmoon Valley, it consists of using a  [Box o' Tricks] to disguise yourself and intercept a conversation between Warbringer Razuun and Jovaan. The Box o' Tricks is a wooden box that is actually the disguise itself and is a reference to the game Metal Gear, that has as one of its symbols, since Metal Gear Solid, the cardboard box Solid Snake use very often as disguise. Jovaan even gets to question the wooden box to Warbringer Razuun, like the soldiers of the Metal Gear games do when the box is not somewhere it's supposed to be.

Shauly Pore

  • A quest giver in Eco-Dome Midrealm, Netherstorm, Outland. A reference to Pauly Shore, as a neighboring NPC's remark on how he uses the word "buddy" as a punctuation.
  • Pauly Shore appeared in the film Bio-Dome which is very close in name to the location of this quest giver, "Eco-Dome".

Shrimpin' Ain't Easy

Smelt On, Smelt Off

  • A quest in the line for Blacksmiths to specialize in Armorsmithing. The name is a fairly obvious reference to the Karate Kid's 'Wax on, wax off'.

Staghelm's Requiem

  • In the Alliance quest Staghelm's Requiem, Athramanis wants the player to kill troll players in the Alterac Valley battleground and "...return to me with their mojo. To reiterate: I want you to steal their mojo." In the second Austin Powers movie, Dr. Evil stole Austin's mojo.

There and Back Again

Trapping the Light Fantastic

  • Quest in Blade's Edge Mountains Toshley asks you to collect 15 Razaani Light orbs. The title to this quest may be in reference to the popular song by the artist BT named "Tripping the Light Fantastic". The verb phrase "Tripping the Light Fantastic", has a long history beginning with the poet John Milton in 1645.
  • There is also an Ultra-Fractal coloring formula in the UF public database named "Trapping the Light Fantastic". This is likely a coincidence, as the formula name is based on the same song.

Triage / Alliance Trauma (First Aid)

  • Dying soldiers sometimes quote Pink Floyd's Goodbye Cruel Word ("Goodbye cruel world... I'm leaving you today...").
  • Some soldiers also claim to see Blue, which is a reference to the movie Old School ("I see Blue...He looks glorious!)

Welcome to the Jungle

When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent

You, Robot

  • A quest in Netherstorm named after Isaac Asimov's book, "I, Robot".