In Agthia's Memory

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NeutralIn Agthia's Memory
Start Keeper Mnemis
End Keeper Mnemis
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Bastion
Experience 6,800
Reputation +100 The Ascended
Rewards 35g 80s 20c
Previous N [50] A Fine Journey
Next N [52] Agthia's Path


Read the Scrolls of Remembrance around Agthia's Repose.

  • Meditate on first scroll
  • Meditate on second scroll
  • Meditate on third scroll


Greetings, mortal!

Are you here to learn about the legacy of Agthia, Paragon of Courage?

I welcome you to walk the grounds of this ancient battleground to learn of the battle that occurred here, and the heroic Paragon who saved all of Bastion and the Shadowlands.


You will receive:


Agthia did not only live a life of courage, but one of service to all of the Shadowlands.


It is an eternal tug of war between the cosmic forces of existence.

They constantly vie for power over each other but if one fell, all worlds would fall into chaos.


Upon accept
Keeper Mnemis says: Agthia was the Paragon of Courage many eons ago. Take your time exploring the gardens and experiencing her legacy.
First scroll
Contemplative Student says: Eons ago, the powers of the Void launched a massive attack against the Shadowlands, trying to shift the balance of the cosmos. The attack blindsided the kyrian, and embroiled all of Bastion into chaos.
Second scroll
Contemplative Student says: Across all of Bastion, centurions and kyrian alike launched into battle. Ascended fell from the sky as the powers of the Void overwhelmed them.
Third scroll
Contemplative Student says: The Paragon of Courage at the time, Agthia, took charge of the forces at this very site. Bastion was on the path to surely fall, but she would not let that happen.


  1. N [50] A Fine Journey
  2. N [50] In Agthia's Memory
  3. N [52] Agthia's Path
  4. N [50] Warriors of the Void, N [50] Wicked Gateways, and N [50] On Wounded Wings
  5. N [50] Shadow's Fall

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